Wednesday, June 09, 2010

"Post No. 705"

Last couple of days been pretty hot here. I was out in the sun 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 hours yesterday, down at my mom's, trimming hedges, weed-eating and mowing with the push mower. Earned me a bad sunburn on my neck and sholders. Surprizingly, it's not too painful, but, yes, tender to the touch. Looks like it'll cost me $40. to fix the riding mower this time as that was a drive belt that broke just as I was finishing up the main part of the mowing on her front yard a couple days back.

Haven't done much today, though, save finally finish lettering and inking that 3 issue mini-series I mentioned earlier that I wanted to complete and have ready for publication. Turned out to be 53 pages total in length, but if I decide to publish it all at one time that can be trimmed down a couple of pages.

Now I can get back on the other series I've been working on for a couple of years, which lacks just a few pages being half finished, save for all the inking and lettering (which I figure would probably take me a good three weeks or better to do since I also work a full-time job and family business).

I'll eventually have all of that done. (And, if I don't, it's no big deal 'cause it may not ever see print or publication anyway.)

Anxiously awaiting three issues of Rocky hartberg's Cole Black series I ordered, #'s V 1 #6, & 9(V2 #4) & 10(V2 #5), none of which I've ever read. After getting that one issue to finish up the first 3 issues of Volume 2 of the title it just made me "hungry' for more. That's the only comics I've purchased in some time.

After being off these two days in a row, I now have a straight six I'll have to pull, the final one being just half a day. Won't get any rest the following day off though as I have to take mom for a check up on her pacemaker the 24th. in Elizabethtown. Fortunately, my wife is off that day as well and can drive one way or the other on the trip. I swear, I hate to drive any longer distances any more, even 35-40 miles (no wonder I never go "anywhere"). I think it's because I'm always so tired from all the other things that have to be done with what little time I'm not at my job, a place where I spend more waking hours than I do at home.


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