Sunday, July 04, 2010

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REVIEW OF "JONAH HEX" (Movie/2010)

"Spoiler" Alert: (Although after reading this you probably won't want to see it anyway.)

I watched the "Jonah Hex" flick today. I hated watching this movie because I knew ahead of time I'd be disapointed. And, I was, but not as much as say, last year's offering of "The Spirit".

The flick was dark and moody; a combination of the original DC comic title and the later Vertigo versions. The fliming was poor. His origin was changed, naturally. Like someone was afraid they'd offend all Native Americans if they'd done it true to it's original source material. They make 'someone" else responcible for his disfigurement.

A supernatural aspect was given to the character (like they couldn't leave well enough alone.)

Better things to say: The acting was for the better part "okay". The make-up on Jonah's face, pretty close. The link Here with Wikipedia will give you a good explanation of the plot as well as a list of actors.

I'd give it a rating, but I don't care to use that sort of language here.

It's a western. How hard is that to screw up? Obviously, really easy.


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