Monday, June 14, 2004

"An Enterprising Question"

Ehh...not that I'm a big Star Trek geek these days, but I was watching ST:TNG a while ago, and when The Enterprise was suffering from computer malfuctions, they discovered that if they just "shut down" everything, wiped out their computer of anything they'd downloaded and re-boot their system, reloading the basic commands from the computer main's archieves, it "fixed" the ship. Now, the Romulans were also having this problem and had activated their Destruct Program and said they couldn't stop it. It did stop, however, when they did the same as the engineer on The Enterprise did with their system.

I was always under the impression that once the auto-destruct sequence had been activated that NOTHING could stop it except a 3-Part Code from 3 different chief officers. Is that different for The Romulans computer system, or just a blopper by this episode's writer? (Or...Does anyone really give a----?)


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