Monday, June 07, 2004

"Kate Worley"

Usually I don't do two posts in one day, but I couldn't help but jot down a few lines regarding the passing of Kate Worley.

Ms. Worley, of course, was the fine artist who illustrated Reed Waller's "Omaha the Cat Dancer" series. During the 1980's, a time when the comic book world seemed to be flooded with so very much just crap produced by anyone with pen & ink and the bucks in their pockets to print it, "Omaha" was a quiet oasis of which I looked forward to every issue.

She died before her full talent could be expressed to all her loving fans due to cancer, leaving her own family, as well as those who admired her work, behind, and she will be greatly missed as do we all who have love and appreciation of those great artists who are no longer among us.

I sincerely hope her spirit is "cat dancing" now in a far, far better place free of pain.


At 12:29 AM , Blogger Brigid said...

Actually, Kate wrote Omaha and Reed illustrated it. I'm her stepdaughter, and I just wanted to correct the information. But I do thank you for saying kind words about her. The amount of support on the web has been amazing. I know my dad has found a lot of comfort here.


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