Monday, January 10, 2005

"Typical Day"

That's about all you could say about today at work. Pulled my usual 5 pages of tools; there's 25 spaces per page to write up items, so that's 125 tools that had to be stocked. Of course, I usually pull more than just one of each tool item, so probably I pulled around 300 items total. That took the first half of the day and I broke for lunch around 12:30.

Then I had to replace some of the larger stuff that had sold over the weekend, which was one 2 Ton "Cherry Picker" (or, engine hoist for those not in the know about such things) and a 20 Ton shop press. This required assembling them, of course, which took another 3 or so hours. Add in filling the drink machine and calling in a Coke order, cleaning the parking lot, taking out garbage, etc., etc. Well...the 9-1/2 hrs. today went pretty quick and needless to add, I'm pooped!

While I was at work, the plumber came by and fixed the water heater; it was the "pop-off" valve. I was lucky to get that done for less than forty bucks, but he's an old friend and always gives me a break on the labor. Told me though if I had any more trouble with it he'd have to change that over-flow tank on it (another forty bucks). And got a dentist apointment for tomorrow, which'll probably be at least $45. These $40-$50 at a time can just eat you up after a while.

My finger's healing up nicely though and I didn't even wear a bandage on it today. I'm lucky like that, in that cuts seem to heal pretty quickly for me.

And when I got home I found a package in the mail. It was a copy of Doom Patrol #123, which I didn't need. You see, I accidently bidded on the book thinking it was #122. Blame it on poor eyesight. And since I made a bid I didn't want to renig' on it, so when I won it I went ahead and paid the seller for it, then left him good feedback, which he did for me as well. Guess I just bought that feedback. At least the lesson didn't cost me over three or four bucks. But it'd been better if it had been in better shape than the one I've already got!

So, nothing major happened to me today, but at least, nothing bad happened to me either.

Some days just balance out.


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