Monday, February 14, 2005

"Pure Escapism"

Back in the 1960's, like many comic collectors, I also bought Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. But there was one other mag I also bought with regularity: Gothic Publications Castle of Frankenstein. In fact, I may have liked COF ever better than FMOF because not only did it feature material and photos about movie monsters...but ALSO COMICS!

My favorite issue of that (as well as a scarce one) is #11. It had a large cover photo of Mr. Spook from "Star Trek", but what made it more memorable to me was an article on artist/writer: Jim Steranko.

Last Saturday night I watched, as usual, a new episode of my current favorite animated series, Justice League Unlimited. It was a great episode as it was all about some of Jack Kirby's 1970's 4th. World characters, like "Mr. Miracle" and "Big Barda".

What's the connection, here?

It was WRITTEN by Jim Steranko!

How appropriate, for as he stated in that long ago COF interview that Harry Houdini was one of the biggest influences in his life, and who better to write an episode about "The World's Greatest Escape Artist: Mr. Miracle", than he?


At 12:07 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

That was a real good episode- and I didn't realize that Steranko wrote it! I missed his name in the credits.

Did you know that Kirby was inspired to create Mr. Miracle by Steranko's career as an escape artist?


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