Sunday, February 06, 2005


How's 'bout dat? Sir Paul McCartney pulled it off at the Super Bowl Half-Time Show, singing four songs and never sounded better. Looks like even at his age, he's still got it! Guess his new love life is agreeing with him.

It's really great seeing members of The Beatles back in the spotlight again. Here's Paul with this performance and Ringo getting ready to become an animated character (and probably a comic book character as well). Makes me want to break out the old 60's l.p.'s and listen to some of those hits that endeared the group to me in the first place.

And...what else is new (since I haven't posted in several days)? Let's see...

Finally went out to the garage today and drug out all of that carpet that's been in there for nearly 4 years, just to see if it's still any count. Looks like the majority of it's okay; maybe needs a bit of cleaning. Trouble is that it'll be going in a room that's 16' x 16' and none of the pieces match up to those measurements, which means I'll have to piece parts of it together, use the backing tape and an ironing device to eliminate the seams, etc. My wife wanted to paint the living room first, but I told her if she's waiting to do that then there's no telling when we'd ever have time to lie the carpet. When we do get around to putting it down, tho', we'll also lie some tile in the entrance way and re-carpet that as well. Looks like enough there to maybe do the bedroom too (in other words, a whole lotta work).

Pulled out a stack of 80's Legions tonight and read thru some issues that were written by Paul Levitz and drawn by Keith Giffen. Those and the 60's Adventure Legion issues have always been my favorites. Some interesting stuff there around #300, re-telling both the Legion's Origin, as well as that of "The Guardians of the Universe".'Had forgotten that #298 was the first appearence of "Amethyst, Princess of Gem World" (Geez! Whatever happened to that character?) Anyway, the re-telling of the Guardians origin was also a pre-Crisis sorta tie-in re-telling events first related way back in Green Lantern(1960's series) #40. Also it gave us what I assume was the Origin of The Legionnaire's "time bubble". These stories hold up well for their 20+ years of age, and I could become really a serious Legion collector if not for the myriad number of series and app.'s they've had in their (close to) 50 year history. Growing up collecting, I never missed an issue of Adventure Comics that had them in it.

And...what else? Oh, yes. The eBay Communication from their new president that states they're lowering regular listing rates by five cents. Guess if you list a LOT of stuff all the time, that'd eventually add-up, but to small time sellers such as myself who only occasionally lists, I'd have to have at least 100 items just to save five bucks.

Back to work again tomorrow; kept pretty close to home this weekend due to tight finances. Looks like I'll have to attend a funeral Tuesday due to an old friend of my wife's passing away. I really do not like funerals and never have, and it really takes a lot to get me to go to one. But...we do what we must. I DO know that personally I don't want a funeral. I'd much rather be buried (preferably cremated) quickly and if people wish it, they could have a Rememberance Ceremony of sorts...or a good "wake" as I'd want them to be happy instead of depressed. I think it's the music at funerals I hate the most. "Some sort" of rock music would be much more appropriate for me(or, the aforementioned Beatles)! But's all for the living, rather than the dead...right?

UpperSouthCon also known as "Concave") happens here towards, I think, the end of this month. It's a relaxacon-type setting with usually 400-500 attendees. I haven't gone to one in several years now. Costs at least $30. for the three day attendence and really all I ever want to do is visit the huster's room to see what deals I can pick up. Not much of a drinker these days even when I did attend and had hospitality room privileges. So,the dealer's room and the art show is about all that interests me and I can just as well spend my cash at "the comic shop", so...


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