Monday, February 07, 2005

"From Day-to-Day"

Looks like other bloggers were pretty thrilled about Paul McCartney's Super Bowl app. as I was. But..they DID sound great!

Well, back to work today and a busy day for me it was. Starting off with my help calling in to say he wouldn't be there because of an early morning doctor's appointment, then his college classes, which left me to not only order all the tools for my department but to have to put them all out on the shelves and price them as well. The day went fast as I wrote up seven full pages (175 listings) and since there were multiple items I probably stocked around 300-400 tools, counting several new cast-iron items the store has started carrying. I finally finished this around 5PM and had everything on the shelves and priced except for two 2Ton Engine Hoists ("Cherry Pickers") which I didn't have time to assemble, but at least got them over to the work area where I assemble such large and heavy items. They'll probably still be waiting for me to assemble when I go back to work Wednesday 'cause trying to get the other guy to do that is sorta like pulling hen's teeth.

Had some comics waiting for me when I arrived home tonight: copies of Justice League of America V1 #199(1983), and a "lot" of X-Statix #'s 1 thru 12 & Wolverine-Doop #'s 1 & 2. I had bidded on the JLA because a friend told me it had guest-app.'s of both Jonah Hex AND Batlash. I had made a comment about liking the Justice League Unlimited episode a couple weeks back where the JLA go back in time and meet both characters, and obviously that episode was based loosely upon this comic's storyline. Reading the issue leads me to believe that that's actually continued from the previous issue, so I guess I need to hunt down a JLA 198 as well just to see where it all began.

Read the first issue of X-Statix and found it enjoyable; as much so as previous encounters with the Milligan/Allred issues of X-Force. Don't know if I want to continue looking for back issues of this title after I read those 12 issues, but I like what I've read so far. I thought the back-up story in #1 had an interesting way for "Doop" to take care of the problem with "Corkscrew"!

E-mailed a dealer regarding a copy of Doom Patrol V1 #88 I won way back on 1/22/05 just to see if that had been mailed out yet. After 2-1/2 weeks of no merchandice or replies from the seller causes me to get a little uneasy about it arriving. (No reply so far.)

Got that funeral to attend tomorrow. Really wish it was a little earlier in the day as it'll be dark and supposed to rain tomorrow night, and here I am half blind at night as it is and the rain won't help on that 45 mile trip back home.

Getting back to the Super Bowl, I guess you may have seen that Visa commericial with "The Avengers". Nice to see super-heroes in a commercial but honestly couldn't they'd spent at least twenty bucks each on those costumes?!? Neat seeing "Underdog", tho'.


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