Sunday, February 13, 2005

"WHY I'm Not Into Politics"

(*heh*) For Fred Hembeck, yeah! Jack's last couple of issues of the FF were okay, but really I sort of lost my enthusiam for the book maybe 20 issues prior to his leaving. Those last few issues just seemed to be something Kirby churned out and no way as impressive as issues 1 thru 60 or so...but, that's just my opinion. (And I do promice that eventually I'll do that "100 Things I Like About Comics"...just as soon as I figure out what those top 100 things are!

And a thanks to Johnny Bacardi who has offered to supply me with last week's Sunday newspaper section so I wouldn't miss an installment of Prince Valiant. I DID buy one today, so that'd be great!

Now I think I want to dwell on my state's government just a bit here in Kentucky. presently we have a law coming into affect that will limit the number of "over-the-counter" cold medications which are a prime ingredient in the production of Methamphetamine; one will be limited to the number of boxes of the product purchased in a month's time, the medication will be kept behind the counter and you'll have to ask for it, and you'll have to sign for it each time you get it. I think that's a fine law. Just last year in this state there was over 600 meth' laboratory's found. It's a particularly nasty sort of drug; one we can certainly do without. Problem is...there's also a law here that states something like you have to have every ingredient to produce such an illegal drug in your possession before it's against the law! So, that means you can have gallons of amonia, scores of packages of cold medication, and all the other things needed to produce it as well as a lab' set up, but if they can't find that single item needed for finishing the meth's production, it's okay? Give ME a break!

Okay. Another thing that's bugging me about laws here. Our good Governor Ernie Fletcher is wanting to crack down on all the Video Poker-type Machines you can find in various truck stops and make them illegal. So, sure Ernie, go right ahead. But, while you're at it, don't you think you ought to make the state-run-numbers' racket called the lottery illegal as well? Hey! That's gambling,too! Here in Kentucky we have an un-Godly amount of various computer pick lottos: Pick 3, Pick 4, Tick-Tac-Doe, The Powerball, Kentucky South, not to forget literally scores of "scratch-off tickets" which range anywhere from $1. to $5. each, PLUS "Pull-Tab" ticket machines costing users from .25 to $1. a play.
And nothing's said about On Line gambling or betting ( poker and football bets, or what have you). And while you're at it, what are you going to do about all that betting on horses at Church Hill Downs, Louisville Downs and other places, plus those Riverboat Gambling Casino's parked off shore of the state's line? Oh? That's okay,huh, because you want us to really believe that money's being all used for education in Kentucky? It all boils down to whether or not a chunk of any of that change is going into the state's treasury, so kids---be careful not to pitch pennies at school. Uncle Ernie is watching you!(Well...he now knows who won't be voting for him next time just because of that sheer act of hypocrisy.)
And, BTW, I wouldn't enter any sweepstakes you get in the mail, cause, you know---that's betting the subscription price that you might win something.

Finally...what th' heck is going on in Romania? Last year it was the 67 year old woman giving birth, and last week we had a woman giving birth to twins several months apart? (One in Sept. of last year!) Seems that this woman had a double uterus! Geez! What's IN that Romanian water? Of course...this comes from a country that gives us the vampyre.

Uhhh...long day at work and too tired to check for typos (forgive me).

Rants take a lot outta me!


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