Thursday, February 10, 2005

"The Issues We Weigh"

(Groan....) Ate too much spaghetti tonight! Must-have-antacids! That's what I get. Sometimes my eyes and hunger are actually bigger than my stomach. I really have to watch what I eat these days. The older I get the less tolerant my system seems to be. And I should know better than to over-eat as I've tried to watch my weight ever since I was nineteen years old. You see, I was a fat teen-ager. Oh, you wouldn't know it today, but back then, when I was seventeen or so, I topped the scales at around 214 lbs.! I went on this looonnnggg diet. Never really got off of it over the years, but from time-to-time I let myself go. Got down way too low weight-wise: 125 lbs.! I really looked like I was sick and I got very thin and it was hard for me to get back into regular eating habits after that for several years afterwards. Went back to eating regular meals finally and stayed at 135 for years, then gradually up to 145 for a few years. Stopped smoking for 2 years and gained back to a whoppin' 185; started smoking again. (Which is worse? Smoking or obesity? Not much of a trade-off.) But, anyway, I weigh between 155-160 these days. 'Course, some of that's muscle I've gained over the years as well, and I'm "comfortable" at this weight. Just don't want to get any heavier!

But, enough of my eating habits (and OTHER vices). Today in the mail I finally got my copy of Doom Patrol V1 #88 (1964) which I'd won way back on 1/22 (no fast shipping THERE), which brings down the number of issues from the original series I need now to #'s 103,115 & 116, plus I still need a My Greatest Adventure #85, so total I need just 4 issues to fill in that set. Still determined to finish those other issues I need sometime this year and also try to fill in the gaps from the other three D.Patrol series I need; I figure something like less than 30 issues total even with the guest-app.'s in OTHER DC titles total. I've done well compiling this collection, I feel, since I just seriously began on it about this time (or later) last year.

This issue, today, was a good one as it had the Origin of "The Chief". Great ol' stuff!

I think I mentioned my collecting back issues of Marvel's X-Statix previously, another set I'm slowly filling in. I can see yet another comparison between Doom Patrol and an "X" title as "X-Statix" revolves around the profit of the commercialization from their name (movie deals, publicity,etc.). As you recall, anyone that's read the 3rd. DP series which began in 2001, this as well was a concern of that team. Seems like the history between DP and X-men stuff is ever reflecting one another.

Nothing much else new today. Had the day off from work but it's pretty cold here in South-Central, KY. even with a few loose snow flakes falling occasionally so I pretty much stayed indoors, caught up on some reading and put up with the cat's demands.


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