Sunday, January 16, 2005

"Spring Come SOON!"

I really dislike cold weather.

I used to kid around and say that I actually did like colder weather because I preserved better in it, but as I've grown older that opinion has vastly changed. When it gets really cold here in "Southern" Kentucky, I don't feel like doing anything except wrap my body in multiple layers and standing in front of a heater or just hibernating until Spring finally arrives.

And these sudden changes back-and-forth in the weather spoil me. Last week it was nearly 70 degrees and I was having to peel off clothes at work because I got too hot. Now here it isn't getting above the freezing mark for a week, so I'd just as well dig me a deep, warm burrow and sleep out the cold temps.

Comic Book-wise this week was a good one for me, getting in the mail one of my current Holy Grails: My Greatest Adventure (DC) #80 (1963), the 1st. app. & origin of "The Doom Patrol". Other issues from that first series came in as well, a MGA 84 and Doom Patrol V1 #'s 89,90 & 122, so currently I've got that series down to just 5 issues completing it. Also now I just need around 20 misc. issues of the 2nd. DC-Vertigo series, 2 issues from the 3rd. series and 2 from the current one: less than 30 books. Even with the misc. app.'s of those character in other DC titles that I need, that numbers less than 40, so finishing up these sets look like they'll be done sometime this year. Haven't given a whole lot of thought to what series I'd like to complete next. Maybe try for the rest of the app.'s of "The Atomic Knights" and "Star Hawkins" in Strange Adventures. Plus I'd like to seriously work on a full set of the "painted-type" cover Classics Illustrated's.

For those that recall a blog I did sometime back regarding that burial marker in my backyard, an article has been written that will appear in the local historic journal magazine and I'll be mentioned in it. Just hope that it doesn't bring a flock of decendents from that family around to view it all the time. The whole deal about this is that the person buried there is one of the first settlers of this town, so if he's there, others could be there as well, and since he died in 1844 that could make my backyard the oldest cemetary here. Hey! If someone can prove that then maybe I can hit up the state for historic preservation loan of some sort and fix up this joint! Lord Knows I sure don't have the extra jack to do it myself! (HA!)

And it's just like to me have a cemetary in my backyard, you know. I modeled my life after Gomez Addams anyway. (I can see me now with one of those pointed, iron fences around the house, out there with a file sharpening the pikes!)


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