Tuesday, March 08, 2005

"Doomed to Completion"

Okay; today I got in another 5 misc. issues I needed of the 2nd. Series DC Doom Patrol (#'s 20-24), which breaks that 20 something number I needed of this title down to 16. I notice that 10 of those are actually the Pre-Vertigo Morrison run (19-63), which isn't surprizing since they seem more in demand. These were also the rest of the issues I needed which were reprinted in the first TPB: "Crawling From The Wreckage". Finding just odd issues of this title in various auctions I've scanned thru is difficult as sellers have them in "lots", which gives me so many duplications. In fact, this lot I got today actually had an additional 3 issues I already had. One of these days I've gotta list all of those dups myself; maybe it'll help someone else's collection!

And yesterday, I got in a copy of Action Comics #553, from 1984. It's all Gil Kane art and is the second half of a story which featured a mess o' silver-age DC odditiy characters like Animal Man, Vandall Savage, Cave Carson, Dolphin,etc. I'm a little surprized those two issues of Action (552-553) don't "book" higher than they do since they're Animal Man app.'s pre-his-own-title.

Along with the Action Comics came 4 misc. issues of Marvel's X-Statix I didn't have: #'s 15,22,23 & 26; I still need 10 odd issues of that between 13-25, but haven't decided IF I'll concentrate on actually finishing the set. I may have the best of those Milligan/Allred gems already. But maybe...if I find them cheap enuff.

Little excitement across the street from where I work, yesterday. Heard "someone" flooding the engine on their pick-up truck; looked across the street to see this girl getting out and going into one of the businesses there (probably to call for help). A little while later I looked out again and a ton'o smoke was pouring out from the truck's hood! People standing all around it, and not a one of them with a fire extinguisher or trying to put it out. So I decided to grab the one I had in the store and run across there to see if I could put it out, but just as I did, large flames started coming out everywhere on the vehicle and within a matter of a few seconds had totally engulfed the truck!

Realizing it was too late to do anything, I called 911 for the fire department, but someone had already beat me to that and it wasn't but just a minute or two that a fire truck arrived and they put it out. The truck appeared to be a total loss, gutting its interior, blowing out all four tires and melting the paint job. I can't figure out "why", with all the help there was around that truck and people obviously seeing it starting to catch on fire, that someone didn't grab a handy extinguisher and use it? It would have taken me at least 5 to 7 minutes just to get the extinguisher and try to run across a busy hwy, then up the parking lot, and pop the hood on the truck. All anyone there would have had to do was grab one off the wall in one of the stores, walk 15 feet and pop the hood; probably less than 3 minutes. It's like peple just don't really care to help anyone anymore, but you know? I'm sure they'd been pretty damn happy if someone had helped out had it been their vehicle. (Seeing non-actions like that tend ta piss me off.)

Made some useless trips around to try to find me a new pair of shoes today, but I'm afraid our local stores had nadda. I have to wear 10-1/2 WIDES, and the selection here local was either pitiful or over-priced, so I guess next day off it's to Wallyworld I go. Maybe I can find something besides white sneakers, at least. (And, for the time being, I tossed my old shoes with the worn-down heels making my feet ache in the trash and pulled out my "Sunday Slippers" just to have a decent pair.)


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