Monday, February 28, 2005

"The Last 22 Hours"

Oscar-Smoshkers. ("Ehh!") I caught about the last 30 minutes of it, opting to watch Independence Day for the 10th. time instead. The Oscars, much like some of the televised beauty pagents always piss me off too much. Plus, Annette Bening REALLY should have won one. I think some of the choices made for the awards last night probably surprized a lot of people.

Well, you may recall that yesterday on this blog I mentioned my dad turning 85 soon, and, don't you know it? About 9:30 last night mom calls and says she has dad down at the emergency room! He had a 103 degree temperature and the doctor was afraid it was pneumonia! But, they later changed that to a bronchitis attack, gave him a shot and some medicine and sent him home. Said he'd be better there actually than at the hospital because at the hospital he could catch something really bad, due to the over-flow of flu cases here locally this year! Just got back from visiting with him and mom, and he's better, except he'd been sleeping all day and thought it was actually morning instead of night (give him a break; he's old).

We're supposed to have a chance of snow here tonight and maybe even a little accumulation, which is strange since just this weekend both days were nearly 60. Depending on tomorrow's weather, I'm wanting to stop by the optometrist to see if he can put my lens back into some sorta frames again. They can't be fixed, and when I first asked one of his assistants she said I'd probably have to have new lens as well. When I explained to her that I could probably afford frames, but not the whole nine yards, she told me to come in anyway and maybe they could put the lens back into plastic frames instead of metal ones. So we'll see. I was wanting to go to a place about 35 miles from here in Bowling Green for the frames, but I'll have to have someone drive me that far (Hey! I'm not even supposed to be driving around here without my glasses for distance!), but my wife's going to have to work tomorrow and I really hate to put it off on one of my friends.

Work was really slow today. I had already pulled all my tool order, priced and put them out by noon, plus assembled an engine stand for sale, so pretty much I goofed off and took it easy (for a change) to rest of the day.


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