Sunday, February 27, 2005

"Fast Week"

Went by both local flea markets today; nadda thing that interested me. Guess it's still a bit too early for find some decent "stuff" yet. There's some dealers that'll set up outside any time, tho', like the fishing guy with his rods and reels and lures, or the cabinet people, or the army surplus man, but of course...I'm awaiting the ones with collectibles and old books, etc.; "maybe" in another month or so.

I think today at work was the only time I can recall in the five years I've been employed there that there wasn't a woman working the shift. Usually one of the elderly ladies is at the cash register on the weekend, and two guys, walking the floors, loading, helping customers or what-have-you. Seemed sorta odd.

Once again, lots of people out millin' about due to temperatures around 60 degrees here. Won't last, tho'; rain's a movin' on in.

My wife (Debbie) has a birthday coming up this coming Wednesday, and honestly, I didn't know what to buy her this year. After buying her gifts at least 3 times a year (Valentine's, Birthday and Christmas) one finally starts to run out of ideas after 17 years. I finally decided on a 4 foot, red wood lattice (that I'll probably just go ahead and give to her early since the darn thing's too big to hide anywhere in here). She has this "plant" that's been passed down thru her family for 3 or 4 generations she keeps in a large, antique cast-iron pot, and this has a stand that you can sit something like that on. We'll probably sit in right outside the front door.

And "what to buy my dad this year"? Geez. He's going to be (hopefully) 85! So far, I really haven't got a clue. And I've been buying him gifts 3 times a year as well (Birthday, Father's Day & Christmas) for at least the past 45 years. Guess maybe I'll just give him some cash and tell him to eat out somewhere, or maybe better yet, take him out to a good meal.

(Short post today, folks; nothing else is new.)


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