Saturday, February 26, 2005

"Nice 'n' Easy"

This was just one of those average nuttin' happenin' days for me. Work went right along as usual; no incidents. Started off slow today; in fact, by 11AM I bet we hadn't had over a half dozen peple in the store. But it started picking up around noon and we kept rather steady the rest of the day.

It was a pretty day here in South-Central, KY., with temperatures in the low 60's and plenty of sunshine, so we even got some out-of-staters come by. Really I wouldn't mind almost everyday being like this one because it rolled right along like a greased wheel and just steady enough to make the time there seem to pass quickly.

No new items arrived in today's mail, although I expect a few comics I've won to start coming in anytime now. Been a good two weeks or better since the first item I won, and even with media mail they should be crawling along thru the mail system to me just any day.

I noticed that a few people were setting up at the local outdoor flea market as I came to work around 7:30AM, but I didn't stop, or go by there at lunch. Tomorrow's supposed to be much the same weather-wise, so maybe I'll make a quick look-over in the morning. I really don't find much there these days. Used to I'd buy a lot of toy items like Hot Wheels, or Matchbox diecasts, or action figures, but I've stopped that last year and either sold nearly all of that or traded it for comics since, so there's not much use it looking for more of the same. I've about milked anyone around here for comics if they had anything decent to collect at all, and those I haven't have over-priced their stock so much it isn't worthwhile to barter with them. Give them 6 months of next-to-nothing sales and I can get the low grade stuff for what I'll offer, and I'll keep my extra cash back at this time to concentrate on the better items and titles I'm actually collecting.

And I really don't need to buy new comics to read because I'm still going thru 4 long boxes full of stuff, pulling out a few books from time-to-time for that. Last night I grabbed some early 1980's Jonah Hex's and Legions from those boxes and read for probably a good hour and a half. Great books from a time you could still buy 'em off the spinner racks! (God, I miss those...)

Looks like I've only got one day off next week until the weekend, which is Tuesday, and that day I've already got planned out. Found a guy that'll take a box of multi-duplicates off my hands in trade for an extra monitor and perhaps even a extra mouse that I need to set up this old pc I have around here with a dot matrix program on it. I need that printer just for lists and the such, being so much cheaper to use than a jet type. Just save what's written on a floppy, toss it in there and print it out, and goodbye to paying $30.+ dollars for new ink cartridges for that LexMark (which actually, I rarely do since it's cheaper just to buy a new one with starter cartridges and toss the old one; they're such disposable things). Then I need to come back and look thru the storage shed for all the large "junk" I'll be eliminating during a free week the local "dump" is giving this county. Gonna start cleaning up around here this next week, get a lot of the things I have stored inside the house out to that shed and better use the room (I really hate clutter).


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