Friday, March 04, 2005

"Spring's Just Around De Corner"

The March Lilies are in Bloom again! (Reaalllly, they are...) Well, duh! It's March! I was outside a while ago and noticed that I had two, very pretty, yellow, March Lilies that had survived a little snowy weather and other lilies as well springing up around in the yard. Not sure if I'll plant another flower garden this year; seems like I was the only one that ever tried to keep the weeds out of it. Although warm weather isn't that far off, we gotta take the good w/the bad, and I dread lawn mowing season. Just a chore, ya know? And of course it has to be done every week, usually on my day off from work. Think I'll make it a rule this summer to mow it once every TWO weeks instead.

My local comic shop is having "some sorta" sale this weekend. Can't recall if it's on CD's or DVDs, or VHS tapes, or Trade Paperbacks. Was hoping it was 25% off the comic stock back issues, but no such luck. I'm looking forward to May 7th., tho', as that's Free Comic Book day for 2005! Looks like one of the giveaways might be a reprint of Uncle Scrooge #1 this year.

Still nadda in today's mail; got one book in particular that's late and hoping I don't start having a string of bad luck not receiving books I've won on auctions again. I went thru all that from Sept. to Dec. of last year; just ain't fun.

Fairly steady at work today, just enough to make the day go by, and I'm off for the weekend, but rain's predicted. Probably just enough to keep me indoors both days. It's not like I don't have windshield wipers on my car, but driving in the rain (especially long distances) certainly is a drag. Maybe I'll try to catch up with a little reading if that becomes the case.


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