Saturday, March 05, 2005

"Comic Shop Day"

A Good Day Today; went to the comic shop in Bowling Green. It's a place I don't get to real often, and since I usually drop some bucks every time I do, I save up before-hand just for that purpose.

Working on my Doom Patrol collection, I didn't find any issues of the title itself that I needed except for a #7 of the current series. I DID find the 3 misc. issues of DC's Super-Team Family with reprints of The DP I needed, however.

Some other books I have on a "want list" I found were The Demon V1 #'s 12 & 13 by Kirby, which leaves me with just two issues to complete the set of the 16.

I also bought a gaming figure of "The Demon", which is pretty neat. (I'm not into the games, but I like some of the figures.)

Got copies of The Brave & The Bold #'s 85 & 89. The 85 has Neal Adams artwork, and is the first "new look" Green Arrow app., where he's got the current costume and the goatie. The 89 has an Adams cover, and is an early app. of "The Phantom Stranger" (these are from 1969-70).

Found the 5 misc. issues between #'s 116-129 I needed of X-Force by Milligan and Allred (which is all of those I wanted). Haven't decided whether I'll buy issues further than #12 in the back-issue stock of the X-Statix title of which it continued. I may have the best of it now.

Bought the 6th. and final volume I wanted of The Essential Amazing Spider-man, which reprints issues far beyond The Death of Gwen Stacy and Green Goblin. I'll concentrate more on other volumes now of that particular reprint series.

Picked up a freebie edition of the DC "ashcan" of Advent Rising. Haven't read it yet, but it appears to be typical modern DC fare.

Got the wide-screen version of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on DVD as well, plus a package of 100 backing boards (which the several long boxes of books I have around here I haven't added to the main collections quickly ate up).

At the local flea market I found the "Marvel Legends" Man-Thing figure; the one with 37 points of articulation. The package was all smushed up, so I took him out of that for display. Came with a reprint comic and card. And I found VHS copies of Ghost World, and Evil Dead, which are nice since all I previously had of them were where I taped them off the tube.

The one comic I passed on today was a 1941 Superman #10, which I hated to do, but the shop had a hundred bucks on the thing, and it was missing the 4 center pages along with some damage to the spine: more like a $75. book, so maybe I'll reconsider that when they have one of their 25% off back issues sales (and IF it's still there).

Finally, in today's mail, I got in copies of the Gold Key The Invaders #'s 1 & 2(based on the sci-fi t.v. series) from 1967; neat photo covers on both.

So...I had a pretty good day, collection-wise.


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