Sunday, March 20, 2005

"Hey, Vernal, It's Spring!"

Well. Close enough. I always thought the vernal equinox was on March 21st., and even if you look it up in Webster's New World Dictionary, it'll tell you that as well. But for some reason it seems that now it's always on the 20th.,so...anyway...I think it's measured by the distance of one week before Easter, and the 21st. is actually the 1st. day of Spring. Dunt matter. It's finally here and I'm damn well expecting nothing but warmer weather until at least November and an end to my high heating bills!

As usual, I've pretty much wasted a whole, pretty weekend off doing things for other people, but nothing for myself. It's not that I mind, but it'd just be nice to do what I'd like to do for a change, instead of always having to do tasks for my folks, or trying to help catch up with all the things needed around the house. I feel like I'm in one gigantic rut in my life at this time, and half way dread my vacation time coming on just because I know that then it's be a whole week of the same! Seems like I never get further than 45 miles from this town all of that time, and three quaters of that time is spent repairing something around here and I never get a chance to have any enjoyment from the time off. Then before you know it, the week's gone and it's back to the grind for another long 51 weeks.

And where I work at never gets any better. Next month will mark five long years at the same place, and if anything it's gotten worse to work at, since now I never have any full time help and each year more or more jobs get shoved off to my responcibility, whereas the loads seem to get lighter and lighter on my co-workers. In fact, when I'm off a day and they actually have to do something they think that's just so unfair and outrageous. (Wonder how they'd feel if just one of these days I called in and said I wasn't coming back at all?)

A good example of this would be the gasoline scooter situation, there. For at least a year we carried Terminator brand gas scooters, and they had so much trouble with them from customers letting their kids improperly ride them and tear them up and wanting free repairs or replacements, that eventually my bosses got fed up with it all and said that when they were all sold they'd never handle them again. Which was an outright lie. This past week we got in more of them, but now they're selling them "as is". If someone wants one, they have to pay for it first and sign an agreement that it's being sold "as is" before we even start one up. We let them test ride it if they wish, and then if for any reason it's not satisfactory, we refund them on the spot, because once they take it off the lot, it's theirs! So my employers wanted me to make darn sure everyone that worked in retail understood all of that, which is pretty much crap since only my part-time male help or I would even be selling them. And when I did try to explain all of these rules to the women that worked there, they all acted like they knew it all already. Just one of the many things I put up with on a daily basis.

But unless you're self-employed, then it's always something.


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