Thursday, March 10, 2005

"Just Takin' Care o' Business"

Looks like it wouldn't be such a hassle just to change two light bulbs, heh? Guess if they were "regular" bulbs, and not florescents, it would have been. So I got up early this morning and went over to my folks' house because their over-head kitchen lights went out. They have this dual-round, florescent type, right? With two seperate bulbs.

First thing I was hoping was that it was indeed the bulbs and NOT to balast; not that I couldn't change one, I suppose. I change them all the time at work, but it's for the 8 foot straight types. To my joy I found it was indeed the bulbs by their blackened conditions, and it was relatively easy just to unplug each bulb, and unsnap the supports to remove them.

Then...I had to find some place locally that carried that type. After a number of telephone calls to businesses here in town I came up empty, and finally called a hardware store about 10 miles away. They did indeed have them (but, just barely as they only had one of each of the sizes I needed in stock). So, I had to drive the 20 mile round trip to get those.

Once obtained, however, it was just a matter of reversing the removal process, and: "Bingo! Let der' be light!"

Then I cleaned out their back porch gutters, and back home by noon. But, "where has this day gone"? Let's see...I did a load of laundry, washed the dishes, went and got some groceries, and looked up at the clock to find it already 5 PM. Sure wish the time at work would pass so quickly!

And, once again, nothing interesting in today's mail. Auction wins way over-due; probably at least one them "lost" now it appears ("what else" but one of the Doom Patrols I needed). I've been researching all of the DP app.'s since their origin in My Greatest Adventure #80, BTW. I would appear that counting all the cameos I could find as well as various reprints, the number of app.'s would be around 210-215 since 1962. I have over 170 of those, so I'm "pretty close", plus I already have all of the big dollar books in those.

Been trying to work on a deal for 7 long boxes and mostly modern comics from this one guy that was selling them for a friend of his, but I've pretty much just put that aside. He wants too much for them, and there'd be a lot of dup's that I'd have to end up selling, myself. Plus the guy that has them (at the moment) seems to have no enthusiasm about really getting them sold; just lets them sit there in his living room floor collecting dust. Bet he's had them for a good 7 months and I think the only ones he ever sold out of them at all were ones I'd pulled in a previous deal. I really hate it when people won't give you some sort of "closure" on that sort of I'M closing the deal myself, by just simply backing out and spend my hard-earned cash in other places.

Still cold weather in these parts. Seems like it'll never be warm again (Im soooo sick of Winter)!


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