Saturday, March 12, 2005


Got in the above copy of Johnny #1 published in 1991 by New Voice Comics for my Beatles in Comics Collection. Has some pretty neat stuff in it . Various stories relating to The Beatles and John Lennon by some of my favorite folk, like John MacLeod, Roberta Gregory & Tim Corrigan and others, several of whose work I published in my own defunct 1980's line of small press publications under the Ravensnest banner.

Probably my favorite strip in it's by John MacLeod, who did his own book called The Mundane Adventures of DISHMAN. John's work always seemed to me as professional quality writing and artwork stuck in a small press 'zine. Eclipse Comics did have the intelligence to publish some of these in a one-shot pro-comic in the 1990's.

Roberta Gregory's work is always a treat. Roberta's a pretty well-known writer and illustrator, probably best known for her Bitchy Bitch stuff.

Then there's Tim Corrigan (whose work has graced many a small press book, fanzine as well as some pro stuff; many remember him as the publisher of The Small Press Comics Explosion from several years back), Mike Corrigan, Steve Keeter, Larry Blake and Gary Nelson.
Some really excellant and recommended material here.


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