Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"A Much better Day"

Say! I think I'm finally about over my cold! (About time.) This thing has drug on for a good two weeks, but I did notice yesterday feeling slightly better, and today I went the full day without a single bit of cough syrup or cold medicine. Still a little congested, tho'.

Mom called tonight to let me know she's having some eye surgery next month, but nothing major. One of those "in-and-out" things in one afternoon. Still I think I'll take that day off to make sure she's okay and can get back from the hospital without problems.

Looks like Spring is finally trying to show itself here in South-Central, KY. I noticed in the weather forecasts that temperatures are staying pretty much above the freezing mark even at night, now. As usual, I'm sure we'll go from one extreme to another and we have for the past several years, and it'll turn just out-right HOT.(Fine with me!)

Got a e-mail from someone today telling me that I didn't know HOW to write a blog, which I find sorta funny because, what was he doing reading it? Hey, folks, there's a LOT of bloggers out there that write far more interesting stuff that I do. And, this blog isn't meant to be especially informative or enlightening; just my daily rants. I must have some people that enjoy it, however, judging by the number of hits on the counter. Anyway...

I read that DC's published a new Son of Vulcan title, based on the old Charlton Comics' character from the 60's. Trying to think of the various titles of the Charlton characters they've done now since they bought the rights. Let's see, there's Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, The Peacemaker, Thunderbolt, The Question, plus I think Nightshade's made an app.; have I left any out? Maybe we'll even see "The Fighin' Five" next! Actually, I'd sorta like to see a new "Dr. Graves" book. Seems like that'd fit right in with their Vertigo line.

Release date for the Sin City flick is April 1st.: April Fool's day! Gotta mark that on the calendar 'cause I wanna be seventh row center.


At 6:54 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

So how do you write a blog, anyway? I'm still trying to figure it out...


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