Saturday, March 19, 2005

"Slow and Lazy day"

Sort of an on-again-off-again sort of day here, with the sun occasionally peeping out between light rain showers. Can't complain since the temperatures have stayed in the high 40's to low 50's. Spring-time's knocking on the door so maybe these high heating bills will finally disapear for a while.

Been sitting around watching The Ten Commandments for probably the 50th. time. Can't help it. Oh, I know it isn't totally accurate to Biblical scriptures and 50% Hollywood, but it's such an enjoyable flick! And I still get a kick everytime I hear Robinson talking to the Hebrews while Moses is up on the mountain! (Wish you could hear a fair imitation I do of that!) The flick made a BIG impression on me when I was a little kid and first saw it at my local drive-inn one night when my folks took us to see it back in the late 1950's.

And, speaking of that time period, I found a couple of neat comics from the 1950's today: Atomic Mouse #15 (Charlton/1955), and The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis #33 (DC/1956). The Atomic Mouse has Al Fago art which is great! Fago always was the Frazetta of funny animal comics. This book also has a nice Fawcett "Hoppy the Marvel Bunny" reprint, albeit edited to be "Hoppy the MAGIC Bunny". The AODM&JL is in better shape than the AM; probably a VG/VG+ and worth, surprizingly, around twenty-five bucks! I got both of them at a local antique store that's having a moving sale for less than 30% of "Guide", so I did well with that. It's just a shame that when I find such comics from the 50's they can't be a Showcase 4 or some such book for that sort of price! (But, I takes what I kin get.)

Nothing new at the local flea markets, though. The rain kept people from sitting outside, and just the same-ol-same-ol at the other. I think it's supposed to clear off tomorrow so maybe some dealers will set up outside then.


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