Tuesday, March 15, 2005


This certainly was a "wasted" day. I'm still trying to get over this cold I've had for about 2 weeks now, and didn't really want to chance making it worse, so I didn't get over two miles from the house. Went out to the store to buy something for tomorrow's breakfast, and then walked 4 houses down the block to where my folks live just to check on dad because my mom had been trying to call him from work for over an hour with no reply. Seems he was out in his work shop piddlin' with his air compressor.

Then came right back home again. Thought about putting about 3-1/2 long boxes of books in my collections today, but still have about a box and a half that I've yet to put backing boards on, so have decided just to wait until I get them all ready, 'cause that's gonna take some time and effort of lying them all out and quite a bit of rearranging.

Finally gave up on ever receiving a copy of Doom patrol 116 I won back on 2/13. The dealer said he'd refund it, but I haven't seen that yet. I did win a copy of My Greatest Adventure 85 which is the last app. of The Doom Patrol I needed in that title, plus copies of #'s 11 & 14 of Jack Kirby's The Demon (from the 1970's) that I needed to complete that set. All of this just happened in the past few days, though, and it's way too early for anything to come in from those wins.

While I was at the store I noticed they had the original Silly Putty for sale. Gee. I didn't even know they still MADE that stuff anymore; hadn't seen it for years! Wonder how many comic books there are out there with some slightly faded-looking panels where someone put that stuff on it to transfer the image? I know there's at least ONE copy somewhere of Fantastic Four #17 like that!(*heh*)


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