Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Just More of the Same"

Well, I didn't want a day to go by without posting something, if nothing more than to keep in the habit and not break my long streak. But, honestly, not much is new here. Work was about the same as always; writing up tools, assembling large items, etc. Just enough to make the day pass pretty quick.

I did have a little luck this morning when I asked the cashier at a local gas/grocery stop for a dollar scratch-off and actually won $64.00 on it! Surprized the heck outta me, as usually winners I've seen of late have been one or two bucks.

Nothing in the mail except the typical junk. Nothing good on the tube, except that I watched Smallville, which was a re-run, but--if I've never seen it well, it's new to me. I don't keep up that much with the show. Think I'd like it better if Clark would just go ahead and don a costume instead of all this "little odd town in Kansas" sort of stuff every week.

Came home and put a few backing boards in books and fixed a couple of make-shift lids for a few of my comic boxes just so I could stack them better and not damage any books. Looks like I'll still need at least 400 backing boards before I can finally add all the new additions to my collection.

My wife finally got to go pick up our completed tax forms so we'll be mailing that off tomorrow. (We're a little later getting this done this year due to the bad weather on and off.) Looks like we'll get back maybe a little better than last year, which is always good. Always a use around here for the extra cash.

Caught yet another mouse in a trap today, which makes at least 3 over the past two weeks. Guess I'm going to have to put out some bait to get rid of the critters. They're coming inside from this cold weather looking for food. I hate to kill them, but that's a case of either them or me. My feline is, of course, non plux about mice since he's a fat, well-fed house tom that could care less about eating some nasty rodent when there's cat food always available. Lazy ass. ("Get in there, "Bobcat", and earn yer keep!")

Guess tomorrow if I can get the chance I need to seriously look for a new pair of shoes, but I'll have to go out-of-town to do so. Just depends on whether I can get the chance since my mom's already asked me to come try to fix her overhead kitchen light. There's always plenty I have to do on a day off.


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