Monday, March 21, 2005

"A Monday Post"

THIS is a real neat site! You can click on your birth month and year and see all of the various covers to the DC Comics from that time! (Of course, if you really wanna be "technical" about it, you should really go back about 2 months to know what was actually on the newstands at the time).

I'm a happy camper today having gotten in a copy of My Greatest Adventure #85 from 1964, which is the last issue I needed of that title with a "Doom Patrol" appearence. Also I got in a copy of The Demon V1 #14 from 1973, which was one of just two issues I needed to complete that set. The MGA 85 also has 8 pages of nice Alex Toth artwork, and, of course, The Demon is Kirby and features the 2nd. app. of "Klarion, the Witch Boy".

"Alright" day at work. I'm off tomorrow and Thursday and we're closed easter Sunday, so this should prove to be an easy week for a change.


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