Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Enough is TOO Much!"

Okay. Here's where I get all of the Star Wars fans to hate me.
Personally, I'm really burned out on SW. I wish that outside of the first flick made in the 70's, there had never been another.

The original movie was great! One of the best movies of that decade! Wonderful cutting edge special effects! Nice touches of humor! Excellant characters! A spectacular "space western", and the heroes and villians were well defined. I really didn't need additional films to cloud that line of perception, or was it important to me to discover "how" any of them became that way. It was complete in itself.

Once they stated that everyone was related to one another, then added "Yoda", then "The Ewoks", to me it had lost it's value. Add to that nearly 30 years and 10 billion dollars worth of merchandicing, and I could care less. I watched Episode 1, and thought it only "so-so". Watched about 1/2 of Episode 2 before I hit the rewind button and returned the rental. Don't care a single thing about seeing Episode 3, and I waited until I could view either of those movies in the privacy of my own home (probably because I didn't want a theatre crowd to hear me cursing Lucas). (Incidently, I waited until they were ALL .99 rentals!)

And my feelings are even worse towards Star TREK flicks! The second one, "Wrath of Khan", should have been made FIRST! The first ST movie was waaayyyy too looonnnggg! And, pretty much. boring! They didn't return the characters to the original uniforms. Everyone wanted the 1960's series; it just did not deliver. And 2 of those would have been enough, but they kept on beating that dead horse for 7 or eight flicks until even the die-hard fans were yawning.

Hollywood has a habit of dragging these things on until they know they simply can not make any more money off of them. Other examples of this would be the Batman and Superman flicks. No more than 2 of them would have been fine. Superman should have stopped with the second one; Batman, no more than one.

But they'll never learn. As long as there's some fanboy "somewhere" that's willing to hand over nearly ten bucks to watch 2 hours of these things, they'll keep on cranking them out.

My theatre seat, however, shall remain empty.


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