Monday, August 15, 2005

"Getting 'Round"

Got a very nice plug for my various blogs over on Fred Hembeck's place today. You outta go visit him. He always has something interesting "going on"! (Thanks, Fred!)

Not a whole lot to report today. Just some misc. Like I've read all three of the Sandman presents Lucifer lmt. series as well as the Nirvana Special now, plus I'm up to issue #42 in the regular Lucifer series. Hope to be be finally caught up with all that series by the end of the week so I can move on to the set of Transmetropolitan, and finally on to finishing reading all of The Preacher. (In fact, I may read The Preacher's next.

'Got the next two days off from work with no great plans save that my yard may finally need a mowing after three weeks of drought. Plus I need to go visit my father-in-law and help him do a few chores. Outside of that I need to relax some 'cause I have a 6 day straight run of work days afterwards.


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