Saturday, August 13, 2005

"My Past Mistake"

Sometimes one's mind can play tricks on ya.

I had been under the assumption that the earliest comic book I had actually owned was dated December, 1955. It's that "3 Camels" cover version of Classics Illustrated Special Edition #129:"The Story of Jesus" which was given to every member of my Bible School Class at Christmas. So, I figured I was around 4-1/2 years old when I got that.

Until today when I received a copy of the same book, but with the "Jesus on The Mountain" cover variation. Looking it up in The Overstreet Price Guide, I realized my mistake. The one I got in today was indeed from 12/55, but the one I got as a kid was December, 1958, three years later!

I knew there was "something odd" about remembering that, because I remembered that I could actually read the comic, which at four years old would have been a bit of a stretch. Even though my mom and late brother would read stories to me and I would follow along from "Tell-A-Tale", "Little Golden" and other story-type books, reading with a good comprehension at four would have been still a bit "off".

No wonder I could read the thing; I was already seven years old and in the 2nd. Grade when I got it! Still, that's close to 50 years with my association of the American comic book. More than that, actually, since my brother had comics around from the time I was born (and before), but I'm glad I finally got that little piece of my childhood memory fixed!


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