Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"Rainy Days & Lack of Comments Get Me Down"

Did I actually say I'd be glad to see the rain move in? Geez. What sort of idiot was I when I said that? (No. No need to answer that question.) Anyway, after three days of it pouring the proverbial cats and dogs and I'm glad to see it ending tomorrow with the sun supposingly making a reappearance and the temperatures back up to the mid-80's.

The most we suffered at home from it was a small leak in the kitchen right in front of the sink (naturally it couldn't be OVER the sink). Inspecting this I discovered a pushed up shingle probably caused by the high winds the other night; no "big deal" to repair. Outside of that all I've discovered was some small limbs down and a very over-saturated lawn.

There's been bad flooding here in places in Kentucky. Local schools have even been closed that were near rivers. A county or two have even been declared disaster areas (but nothing like they had it down South). I feel sorry for our farmers as well. First they had weeks of drought, then days of flooding. Bad enough that they can't make any money on the "soul crop" of Kentucky (tobacco) these days without it destroying anything else they're trying to survive on.

And so, on to other things.

"I told you so" Department: Remember when I said I'd delete the "A Puck's Tale" blog if I didn't get comments? Well folks, "it's history". In the (nearly a month's) time I had it posted I got no more than 5 comments, all of which were in short e-mails. So, it's gonesville, daddio.

But I'm not totally discouraged from lack of interest in my work. In fact, within the next couple of weeks when I have some "extra" time, I'm going to go thru several hundred pages of illustrations I've done over the past 35 of so years. I'm going to pick out 10 or 12 illustrations I've done and post them in a new "personal sketch page" blog of sorts. What I put there will depend greatly on the quality of the paper and condition some of this artwork may be in, as a great percentage of it is stored in a large, old suitcase stored in the out-building. So, if the rats or bugs or whatever haven't gotten to it, I'll present sort of a "Time Capsule" of artwork from the time I first started submitting it to amateur publications, to some present day stuff. I may even have a cover or two from some fanzine art I did and thought was "okay". Naturally I'll post a link to it when this new blog is ready and announce it in my post.


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