Sunday, October 23, 2005

"Quickie Post"

Sure was a dreary old day here, with temperatures in the mid 40's and rain off and on. We actually have the heat going, the house is so chilly. Speaking of which, it's good weather for chilly, which is what we ate for dinner tonight. Yum! But...I'll regret it later.

For those who collect action figures and the like, my local Wallyworld now has a fifty cent machine in its lobby containing 2" "Justice League" (animated series) heroes/villians. There's maybe a dozen different ones. The figures I've personally acquired so far are: Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and The Shade (the old Golden-Age Flash villian). There's also "Jonn Jonzz" and others. ( They're about the same size as Clix figures, but made out of rubber.)

Watched the Batman VS. Dracula animated flick last night on Cartoon Network. It's prettygood, but could have just as easily been done as 4 part episodes of the regular series. Episodes of the current Batman animated show are written well enough; I just have this problem with the way the animators draw Batman's face (can't say I'm too krazy about how tey draw The Joker, either).

And The Penquin's HAT is just way, too tall.

Otherwise...they're okay.

And, no other "news" today. Short blog. Gowan back to what you were doing. You spend too much time on "The Net" anyway(*heh*).


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