Saturday, October 08, 2005

"Some Saturday Thoughts"

Still reading thru a "lot" of comics I got last week. I read a copy of 2002 DC Series of Hawkman (#4) and was pleasantly surprized that it had a lot of the feel of one of those old 1960 issues back when Fox and Anderson was handling the series. Just reaffirms my belief that not all modern comics are pure crap; but you still have to kiss a lotta frogs to find a prince (or, "princess", in my case)!

Well, the rain stayed away today and I thought about mowing my lawn for, what will probably be, the last time for this year, only to find that my gasoline can was dry, so...maybe tomorrow instead since I have no great plans for the weekend except to try to relax a little and try to catch up on a few things I need to do "around the house". I think here soon I'll start trying to scrap off all the old, chipped paint on the outside of the house and start repainting it before real cold weather sets in. Would make the place look better.

Went by the flea market, but nothing there much that interested me today. Talked with a dealer for about 15 minutes and the cold wind cut thru me so much my hands and ears were frozen and finally gave that up and got back in my warm car! I believe the sun is supposed to make an appearance tomorrow however, so perhaps it'll be a better day there for finding some deals.

Something that might be of interest to any comic book collectors here in Kentucky would be the October (current) issue of the FRECC ("Farmer's Rural Electric Company Coop") magazine given out free to their subscribers called Kentucky Living, which features both a cover photo and an interior article of cartoonist Keno Don Rosa, who tells about his experiences drawing for Disney and "Uncle Scrooge" stories. If you're not from Kentucky you might try looking up the company on line to see if you can grab a copy of this issue.

I'm still trying to complete sets of anything artist Jack Kirby did for DC Comics in the 1970's, and today completed a transaction for a set of his work on Kamandi (Issues 1 thru 40 complete). This being the longest run of any of the DC titles in which his artwork appears helps my sets considerably. Of course, I still need to complete all of the "4th. World" titles I don't have, plus some issues of OMAC, and I think one issue each of his stuff in 1st. Issue Special and the Boy Commandos reprint titles I don't currently have copies of.

And, speaking of comics, I finally got the enthusiasm to put one long box of 200+ comics in alphabetical order in 7 other boxes of such and get them out/off of this computer room floor where I'd been tripping over them for the past week. These days with my collections of comics always growing, I have what I deem as a secondary collection of several long boxes crammed full. This is because I'd otherwise have to find "somewhere" to drag 40 long boxes, line them up and put all the new additions in them. What exactly will happen when/if this secondary collection gets too large and I need to start a third one....well....that'll be a while, but it's food for thought!

Of course, it would help if I could find somebody to purchase over 600 duplicates I have in here, plus a good 200 or more sci-fi paperbacks, hardcovers, etc. There's never enough room for any collector of such.


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