Thursday, October 13, 2005

"What Would Jesus Drink"?

Here locally they're having an election regarding the serving of alcohol with a meal at any restaurant which seats at least 100 people. Naturally, the townspeople are split about the decision, but I think the silliest thing I've seen thus far in this is a sign at the corner of an intersection which states: "What would Jesus Do? VOTE NO!", and that makes me want to answer, "Well...Jesus would have probably HAD a shot with his meals since there's numberous cases in The New Testiment stating that He drank wine, changed water INTO wine, shared wine with his disciples, etc."

And, in all fairness, I should state that people did drank a lot of wine in Jesus's time due to the unsanitary drinking water. Usually it was new wine (unfermented); much like drinking a commercially sold grape juice, but that didn't mean they didn't know how to make intoxicating wine or drink such.

Back in those days, the grape vines were left to grow wild on the ground instead of on trestles (an invention I believe of The French and not started until after snippings of vines were brought back during The Crusades). The main reason for trestles is to keep animals: pigs, rats, rabbits, raccoon, etc., from eating the grapes. But the production of alcohol has been known since nearly the dawn of man. And, in The Bible, the mention of wine goes back as far of Genesis: Chapter 9.

And...speaking of wine....I finally got in my set of Eddie Campbell's Bacchus (the "god of wine") that I won recently on an on line auction. The set inscudes all of the title (#'s 1 thru 60 complete), 12 different app.'s of the characters in various issues of Dark Horse Presents, plus a signed copy of Eddie Campbell's Egomania #1. Being a big fan of his work, naturally I'm pretty excited to finally get to finish reading the rest of the Bacchus series. Almost everything else Campbell has written I've got in reprints or something. Everything except some issues in which his work appeared in the Trident comic (published BY "Trident Comics" in the 1990's), and the series From Hell by him and Alan Moore, which I'm trying to either pick up a set of or get the TPB version. (Shame the movie wasn't adapted well from this great series.) I even have a piece of original artwork (linked here) that Eddie did for me at a convention if you care to take a look at it; it's of "Jack the Ripper" from that particular series.

A piece of advice for those who have pawn shops in their areas and want to buy DVD's: VISIT THEM! There's 2 or 3 pawn shops in my area, all of which I've found comic books relatively cheap as well as DVD's. People bring them in and most of these shop owners know little or nothing about comics and price them in the 3 for $1. range a lot, or at least, within reasonable prices. And the DVD's I've found range from $3-$6. If you're patient you can find a lot of recent movies. (For instance, I found the double-disc Hellboy DVD recently for a mere $4.00). I'm keeping an eye out on them for a cheap copy of Sin City, next (or, "Catwoman", or "The Punisher"; neither of which I'd ever pay "big" prices for simply to watch).


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