Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Things of The Day"

You know, about a year fact...over a year ago when I mentioned that DC Comics was publishing yet a 4th. Doom Patrol series, I promiced I'd review the title IF it made 12 issues.

Well, I think actually #16 is due out this week, so... Anyway, I've got the issues I'm currently missing from both that run as well as the 2001 DP series coming soon in the mail, and in the current series I'll be able to read them all up to #15. So' soon as I do I'll finally write that review.

And, in other things, thus far I've been able to acquire 11 different ones of those 2" JLA rubber figures currently in some lobby machines in your larger department stores. My wife has been picking them up for me at our local Wallyworld and she said that the machine displays 10 different figures. The ones I've gotten are: Superman, Batman, The Flash, Jonn Jonzz, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (John Stewart version), The Shade, Copperhead and The Ultra-Humnaite. (Haven't a clue what the 10th. one is.)

Raked the yard and hauled off leaves again yesterday, then covered the entrance to the house's under-space today, stoppin' up holes to keep the on-approaching cold Winter air from reaching the water pipes. I have a feeling this will be a very dry and cold Winter in South-Central, Kentucky. Exactly what we don't need with the majority of the state using natural gas for heating (including myself) since fuel increases are estimanted now at more than 50%.

Lots of sad things lately in "the news". 2,000 now dead of our servicemen in Iraq, 5,000,000 without power in Florida (5 dead) from the hurricane, and, of course, the passing of Rosa Parks.

Sometimes I wonder a What If? scenario regarding the late Ms. Parks. "What If" she hadn't been so tired from her job that day that she thought, "I don't need this hassle. I'll simply move and let that person sit down?" Well...I'm sure that the Civil Rights Movement would have occured anyway, but I'm also certain it would have been delayed at least a couple of years. I don't think the majority of people realize what a difference one's voice makes in this world. The simple statement of "No, I won't!" is the same as turning to walk down a different street.

History can be changed in an instant. All it takes is a little courage.


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