Thursday, November 03, 2005

"Catching Up Day"

Went to Wallyworld today and got to take a good, close look at those 2" JLA figures in their lobby machine. Found they are called Justice League Pencil Toppers Bobble-Heads (which explains the movable heads, duh!). Anyway, I finally got the last one in the 10 pc set: "The Huntress". Figured I finally spend about $12. in quarters to obtain a full set.

And you'll remember back a few posts where I mentioned the citizens of a local town are voting on whether or not to allow alcohol sales in restaurants there. Remember I said one good citizen had posted a sign saying, "What Would Jesus Do? Vote No!"? Well, another citizen erected a sign saying: "Jesus Drank Wine; Why Can't We?" That whole campaign is such a hoot! (They vote on it next Tuesday.)

And, finally, there's some days you can remember exactly what you were doing 17 years ago. In my case, 17 years ago tomorrow (Nov. 4th.) my wife, Debbie, and I were gettin' hitched! It was a dark and stormy night, that is to say, the night was dark and it WAS raining pretty hard after a beautiful Autumn day of sunshine. We drove to the closest larger city (Bowling Green), stayed overnight in a motel next to a nightclub where we went to eat and dance until late as our Honeymoon.

Came back home the next day since we both had to work. I did stop for a little while at a small comic book show in that city. Guess my poor, unsuspecting bride got her first taste of "the life to come" (*heh*)!


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