Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"...and A Cooler Tuesday"

And today, Good News! The doctors were able to take care of the blockage in my father-in-law's intestines, and now he's back to where he was before, and will probably be leaving the U of L Hospital once again this week and returning back more to Elizabethtown. Poor guy; he must be starting to feel like a yo-yo. My wife and I will be going up to visit with him later on this week.

More notes on "Mr. Monster". Michael T. Gilbert has repeatedly informed us that he based that character on an old Golden-Age character which appeared in, to his knowledge, only one comic: Super Duper Comics (F. E. Howard Publ.) #3. But later on, he discovered that "MM" had had another appearance in Triumph (Bell Publ.) #31. Thing is, the issue of Triumph was actually his first app., having been published in 1946, whereas the Super Duper was in '47.

But there are twists and turns to this I've discovered as the Triumph issue was a Canadian comic! So, I guess the Super Duper #3 is his first U.S. app. and the second app. "anywhere", whereas the Triumph was his first appearance. This is the only case I can recall of a comic book character starting out (in NON-reprinted material) in one country, then being picked up and regularly published in another, unless maybe one counts "Captain Canuck"? Anyway..."Mr. Monster", as we know him today, really began in 1983 in the Pacific Comics title, Vanguard Illustrated #7 since Gilbert changed him around so much.

We all seem to forget that DC ALSO had a character by that name which appeared, as far as I know, in only one issue of a comic: Wonder Woman V1 #155 (1965), but it was totally different sorta thing.

Sat around and watched both Pitch Black AND The Chronicles of Riddick flicks today. I think I really liked "Chronicles of..." a bit better; just a faster paced flick, and more $ spend obviously on special effects. "Chronicles of..." neatly picked up from the previous flick without discrepancies, unlike many sequel films have done (the worst coming to mind being the 2nd. "Highlander"), tied up any loose ends but still gave us room at its close for us to imagine yet a 3rd. to be made in the series. Recommended watching.

A fine and sunny day here in South-Central, KY., albeit on the cool side, and I noticed that the grass on the front lawn has started growing a bit. Won't be long until, once again, it's that time of the year.


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