Friday, March 10, 2006

"Why I Hate Winter"

Naturally just when I thought maybe the coldness of Winter was about over along with all the little nasty ailments one gets during this time...BAM! Last Monday Night I get hit for the second time in just a couple of months: the flu!

Obviously, I had a temperature all night because I couldn't stop shaking, and violently! It was just like someone was grabbing me by the sholders and shaking me hard all night long. Needless to say, neither I (or my wife next to me in bed) got any rest at all.

So I was supposed to work Tuesday and be off Wednesday, but when I got to work I felt just so very bad that I called and swapped that day with another employee, went back home and laid down on the sofa, and pretty much just passed out. In fact, according to my Caller ID, at least 7 people tried to call me that day, but I never heard the phone at all being dead to the world, until my wife came home from her own job around 2:45 that afternoon.

I woke up, pretty groggy,and stayed up for a little while, ate a little applesauce, and fell back to sleep until 6:30 PM, when I finally managed to drag myself off the sofa and into the bathroom to clean up, then went back to bed (in my regular bed, this time) and didn't wake up until 5 AM Wednesday morning.

Still feeling pretty rough, I went ahead and worked the whole day in a "zombie-like" state, going through nearly a box of tissues from my sneezing and coughing. But I kept belting cough medicine and some day time cold & flu stuff. Couldn't seem to eat though, and anything with any similance to being "sweet" tasted like crap. Coming home finally at 5:30 PM, still eating nearly nothing, I cleaned up and went back to bed again and slept, for the most part, throughout the night.

I managed to make it through Thursday as well, and was doing better until it hit the warehouse area and the dust started me to sneezing and coughing again. Bet I sneezed at least 200 times yesterday.

I'm home and off work today, but probably everyone at work has it now and it'll try to reclaim me again if I'm not careful. My sinus's have at least mostly dried up and I'm eating and actually tasting everything "right" again.

The above drawing I did of "Wolverine" from the X-Men (copyright MCG) is sort of unusual for me to pick as a character to draw, I guess, not being much of a fan of the series today, but I've always wanted to see what I could do with the character, and for what it's worth, that's how it turned out.

And while I was out and around this morning I stopped by a pawn shop and found several movies on either DVD or VHS of which I've wanted copies. Batman Begins(2005), Constantine(2005) were the DVDs, and Pitch Black(2001), and The Chronicles of Riddick(2004) were the tapes.

Of these four movies, the only one I've seen so far is the Constantine flick, of which I was very disapointed, not just from who was chosen to play the character from the DC-Vertigo Hellblazer series, but from "other" changes" which I thought simply unnecessary. For anyone that's never read an issue of the comic, it's a fairly fast-paced, action-packed, good VS. evil flick with nice special effects, and at least the lighting in the movie's bright enough it doesn't make you feel like you've watched 90 minutes in a fog, but DON'T take it as any sort of adaptation of Alan Moore's work. I personally just wanted one for my collection of movies that adapt comic-book characters, and I got all four of these flicks cheap (like, $17. for ALL of them), otherwise I'd never bought this flick at all.

This afternoon I plan on watching Batman Begins, but I already know I hate the new "Batmobile". Thankfully, "others" have told me to ignore the odd vehicle and enjoy the rest of the flick, so I'm sure I will.

I've never seen either Pitch Black (the 1st. of the Riddick flicks), or Chronicles of..., but as well, they've both been recommended to me by people I trust with good taste in movies to watch, and I'll save them for another day (or weekend) when I'm off and can devote time to watching them back-to-back. I've also read some good things regarding the lead actor, Vin Diesel, and even though I've never seen him in XXX, I have indeed seen The Fast and The Furious (which I liked).'s movie time. Sumbodi bring me a large popcorn w/plenty o'butter and salt and a large Diet Coke, 'cause, I'm settlin' in!


At 5:39 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

Pitch Black was pretty damn good- saw that in the theatre! Riddick, not so good- it's kinda cluttered and chaotic, but the effects are good and Diesel is charismatic. Worth watching once, anyway. You kew Vinny was the voice of The Iron Giant, didn't ya?

I liked Constantine better than I expected, but I expected to hate it so I was pleasantly surprised. There are some nicely done scenes there, but Keanu is awful.

Man, EVERYBODY'S had that bug- I've had it 3 times myself since Thanksgiving, but not as bad as you describe. The government is releasing chemicals into the air, I tell you!

At 6:52 PM , Blogger ~D.Puck' said...

Hey, "Johnny"! Long time---No Hear! Yeah...probably in our food, water and sprayed on every paycheck as well (the bastidches!)
Just watched Batman Begins and actually can see "why" that sort of Batmobile is used (hey! Everybody's gotta start with a proto-type, right?) Unlike the Star Wars flicks it seems they're making the good Batman ones secondly.
I'll be watching the "Riddick" flicks soon.


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