Sunday, April 09, 2006

"A Little of Everything Today"

April the 8th. (yesterday) was my folk's 63rd. Wedding Anniversary! Congrates to them both for 63 years of faithfulness. (Gee...63 years. I might have half of that if I added ALL my marriages together. *heh*)

We had one estimate on our tornado damage yesterday of $2,500. The glass for the windows alone is $600. We have a $500. deductible, so it looks like we may have to pay out a bit due to Mother Nature's Fury of April 7th.

I don't normally plug auctions, but this one here is for a really good cause. Having lost my mother-in-law 6 years ago to cancer, and my father-in-law gravely ill from it, I'd appreciate anyone who can help to fight against such happening to others. (You never know. That may some day be me...or YOU... hoping to find a cure because we have it ourselves.) This is a very honest dealer who I highly recommend. I've bought (and even sold) to her personally. (Thanks!)

I bought a full run of the Dark Horse title, John Byrne's Next Men yesterday, and feel like I got a good deal. The guy charged me $25. for #'s 0, 1 thru 30 complete along with the "2112" special. #21 has the first app.(?) of "Hellboy" . Since the #21 itself goes for anything from $10-$25 by itself, and the "2112" special having a cover price of $9.99 (and all of the issues being in Nr. Mint), I feel I did well on this even though I do have a handful of duplicates I'll have to resell.

Well, when the guy blew the insulation into our attic he had to use our outlets. I had thought that anyone with that sort of machinery would also have a gasoline-powered generator to handle the equiptment, And I wasn't too keen on him doing this in the first place as this is an old house with fuse boxes rather than breakers. As it happened, he blew a fuse and we had to change outlets to finish the job. The thing is, that was the one which powered my washing machine and clothes are piling up! I've already changed out the 20 amp, with no luck, as well as the 30 amp. All that's left in that box are 2/15 amp fuses (and I don't see that powering the washer). If it's not them, then it has to be the "bus" fuses, which are difficult to locate in this town. Always something. I've got an electrician coming Monday to use a tester on the box and at least tell me "which" fuses have to be changed, and hope that's all that's wrong with it.

And...I "think" that JLUnlmt. episode I've been wanting to see for the past month and 1/2 will be on NEXT Saturday night (the 15th.). It's already been put on hold a half a dozen times now.


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