Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Work At Work, Then Work At Home"

When my wife got home yesterday afternoon, she went outside to do some yard work, and I ended up getting in the mood to do the same. We pulled out things around the house and raked up all the leaves still left from last Autumn, lopped down bushes and shaped up trees, replanted some flowers, opened up the crawl-space under the house so it could breath, and generally got the outside in better shape. We worked on this for about 2 hours. Tired, but must admit, it looks better now.

When I have time on my next day off I still have some cleaning up around the shop to do, which I figure will take at least another 2 hrs. or better. I have so very many "projects" planned that I want to finish before the end of this year. Like scraping off the paint from the wood areas around the place and repainting, and repainting the metal part of the roof in the front. And hauling off junk and emptying out the shop better. And enclosing the screened-in back porch as a storage area. And tearing out the old sidewalk and repouring it. And putting new panels in three rooms, even dropping the ceiling some to conserve heat. There's just so much to do, and so little extra time to do it all.

Like tonight, after working all day, I had to get up in that attic and crawl around for an hour, trying to cover the open space over the bathroom area. That area still leaks (and I can't get it to completely stop) so we decided in blow the insulation in everything except that space. There's an opening above the dropped ceiling that's 8 or 9 inches, but it's the whole length of that room, so I had to try to staple plastic and cover it up where the insulation wouldn't be blown into it. My knees are sore now from crawling on the rafters. Of course, I "could" have done all of this yesterday had my wife informed me she was calling the guy to come do it tomorrow.


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