Friday, April 07, 2006

"Other Hands At Work"

Over on Dial B For Blog (see link towards the bottom of the list on the far right of this page) "Robby Reed" occasionally does blogs of various DC Giant Hand cover appearances. But just so you don't think that DC Comics did that exclusively, above is such a cover from First Comics' Alter Ego Limited Series No. 2 (7/86).

I always liked this series written by Roy Thomas. I must admit that I'm not the "biggest" Thomas fan around, but he did have his high-points in comics to me, such as the "Kree/Skrull War" issues of The Avengers, his Captain Marvels (the issues drawn by Gil Kane) and his Conans. I do feel that he's better at reviving and telling stories of the DC Golden Age characters a bit better than others, perhaps. But, doing this has always been a specialty of Thomas.

Anyway. in the Alter Ego Lmt. Series, Thomas uses (can't really say, "revives" since some of these aleady had been done so) some of the Quality and Hillman characters/heroes. (You'll notice that the above is also an "atomic explosion" cover, as well.)

The Alter Ego comic, of course, is named after the Alter Ego fanzine, that Jerry Bails and he did in the 1960's, and each issue of that seemed to always contain some material regarding GA characters. Roy Thomas was one of those big name fans with a "Cinderella Story" of becoming a professional writer for comic books, and he succeeded very well at it. He's always been a writer of which I've held "some" high regard, even if I didn't like everything he ever wrote.

But...that can be said by me about anyone's work, whether he be a writer or an artist whose work I've every enjoyed. I mean, I really love Steve Ditko's late 1950's and early 60's artwork, but not that "crazy" about some of his art afterwards. My favorite Steranko period will always been the "Nick Fury's" in the latter 1960's, and Infantino's best work to me will always be his "Adam Strange" and "The Flash" silver-age issues. It's not that I didn't like their work after these periods at all, but...they're just my personal favorites.


At 4:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know about DC's giant hand covers but I do know The Avengers over the years has had many covers that featured the disembodies heads of the members watching some scene take place. I have a list of those and the frequency of that cover style has really fallen off but it used to happen on The Avengers with some regularity. More than any other book that I am aware of.

At 6:29 PM , Blogger ~D.Puck' said...

Steve, "floating head" covers have been a theme we occasionally use over on the eBay Comics Chat Board. We use different sorts of "themes" all the time of misc. covers. Avengers "head-type" covers are one of our favorites due to the number of them. Check us out "sometime"! You're always welcomed, even if you just want to visit and say "Hi!" (see COMIC CHAT BOARD LINK in right hand column).


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