Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Relaxing Day"

Thought since I was just sitting around here today relaxing on an occasional day off from work that I'd test the waters on sales for the first time this year and actually list something on an auction (something I haven't tried for several months).

So I put all of these duplicates I had of Doom Patrol on there just to see how they go. There was nearly 40 of them that I had accumulated from purchasing various lots, attempting to complete sets. As per my wife and my agreement, if someone buys them and pays by money order, the money goes into our bank account, but if they pay by PayPal, then I can use them to buy "whatever". ( There's only three sets of any "modern" comics I'm currently trying to complete, that being the 1987 DC/Vertigo Doom Patrol, or, Animal Man, or the 1996 series of Supergirl, needing maybe 30 issues among the three titles.)

I was really wanting to wait until I had completed the '87 DP series until I listed all the dup's, but ...I don't see that happening anytime soon, so maybe these will sell and I can just turn the $ over into finally completing this set.

Also, for the first time, I'm trying the Post Office's new "box priority" type mailing, where they have two various size boxes that you can cram full of "whatever" and send at a flat rate of $8.10 (which is definately cheaper than previously attempting to send everything priorirty mail, as a lot such as this before would have been upwards of $12. postage!)

A correction to a post a few days ago. I mentioned Jim Aparo being the artist on "The Spectre VS. Dr.13" stories which appeared in DC's Ghosts 97-99, but when the #97 arrived it wasn't him at all on the interior art; rather Michael Adams & Tex Blaisdell. (The covers to these issues ARE by Aparo, however, if that's any consulation, or at least #'s 97 & 97 as I don't believe The Spectre is on the cover of 99.)

Today's date is interesting: April 5th., 2006, or...04/05/06, which won't happen again for 100 years! Someone else pointed this out to me as well, that June the 6th., of this year should be interesting , since that'll be: 06/06/06!

And finally, the 14th. of next month will be my 2 year anniversary blogging here on "Elmo's Junction", and, if I time it just so-so, my 300th. post as well! I'd like to plan something special for that day (haven't figured out just "what" yet, tho').


At 4:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

True 04/05/06 won't happen again for 100 years but by the same token 04/06/06 won't happen again for 100 years and neither will any other date this year or any other year. However, next year there will be 05/06/07 and in only 97 years you can see 01/02/03 (which you could see 3 years ago).


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