Friday, March 31, 2006

"Some Constructive Time Off"

Well (drat it all) it looks like I will indeed have to work some this weekend. It won't be too bad. We're so short on help that I left at noon today and will work till 1PM tomorrow. Same amount of hours and it gets everyone thru their lunch breaks. This actually worked out well for me since I had some misc. things needing doing around the house today, all of which I've gotten done now and can relax the rest of the afternoon and evening.

One of the "things" I needed to do was to get out in that mess of a garage and try to find some "California Raisin" figures my father-in-law gave me probably a couple of years back. He asked me if I'd give them back so his granddaughter to have them. No big deal, except that when he gave them to me, they were duplicates of what I already had of them, (plus I didn't know he'd ever want them back) so I put them in a baggie and stored them somewhere in one of the 50 odd boxes of the same sort of stuff (PVCs, toys, etc.) and haven't laid eyes on them since. Got out there and dug around a while, but to no avail. I really need a nice day where I could drag all of that stuff out and go thru each box at a time. Might be better to just have him describe what they looked like and replace them from people at the local flea market.

Then, another thing that needed done was straightening up all these clothes my wife owns, all piled in a pyramid in the bedroom. I swear, the woman has so many of them that I asked her if King Tut was entombed somewhere in the middle of the pile. Anyway, I got several boxes and tried to straighten out and seperate that mess. I'm sure it won't stay "neat" very long, though. It didn't from the last time I finally got tired of seeing and tripping over it and took on the chore myself.

And tomorrow, weather-permitting after I get off work, I want to drag out the mower and see if it's still operable since the grass on my front lawn it now at a heigth that rabbits could hide in it.

And lastly, I needed one last book to fulfill my enrollment obligation in the Science Fiction Book Club (before I cancelled my membership), so I choose Men of Tomorrow, a novel documentary by: Gerald Jones, published by "Basic Books" in 2004. It's the scoop on various, well-known comic creators, like Seigel and Shuster, Bill Finger, Jack Kirby (and others) in the 1930s & 40s. So far, it's proved very interesting reading.

This photo from 1935 I thought very interesting from the book. It's of a very young Jake Kurtzberg (aka: Jack Kirby) with his fellow newsmen when he was working at the Boy's Brotherhood Republic (Kirby in Upper Right Corner of photo).


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