Saturday, April 01, 2006

"April Fool's Day!"

Very busy during that 5 hrs. I agreed to work today during "the sale". In fact, between 8AM-9:30AM, I had already sold two large trailers. Furniture which had been marked down was flying outta there like it had wings, plus many other large items and tons o'little stuff. It was pretty steady all the way thru the shift.

Plus one of the local radio stations did a remote with giveaways and a drawing or two, and gave out free soft drinks and sandwiches (who says there ain't no free lunch?), and t-shirts and stickers and in pens, etc. Went over very well.

The female DJ of the couple who came today I hadn't seen but 2 or 3 times in the past 25 years when we worked together at a local Pizza Hut, and we got "caught up" on old times.

Hey! I even got on the air a couple of times and "hammed it up" with the DJ telling the listeners of all the good deals we had going. But, by 1:PM, I was good and ready to get outta that place.

Went by the flea markets and picked up a little handful of fifty cent comics (nothing "special"; just reading material), then on home where I mowed parts of the yard where the grass looked the worst for the first time of the year. Temperatures were upwards to the 80 degree mark, and I got fairly hot!

And tomorrow is my father's 86th. birthday, God love him! 86 years old and still able to get around and ride his riding lawn mower and go to church and putter in the yard. Don't think I'll be that capable at that age (IF I make it that long).

Being "April Fool's Day", things went rather uneventful. Nobody pulled any tricks on me. I think my co-workers were all just too busy to remember what day it was!


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