Monday, April 03, 2006

"Sunday get Together"

Except for a few severe thunderstorms yesterday, my wife's family re-union (or sorts) went without a hitch. Basically, it was a dinner for all of her immediate family to get together with her dad who, as you know if you read this blog site, is terminally ill.

All three of her sisters, all 6 of her neices, plus their husbands, boy friends and / or kids all showed up, plus her great aunt; a get-together of about twenty people.

The location was out in the country, a good 6 miles thru farm lands from any sort of a town, and the scenery out that way is quite beautiful this time of the year, with the hillsides aglow in colors of green and violet (from the clover and "chickweed"). Many a fresh plowed field there awaits the spring planting, and we're not talking about small fields in that area, but a couple of dozen acres. The farms are few and seperated by quite large planting areas, at times, a few miles apart.

One of the odder sights you can encounter on the trip to this location is the Round House, which was originally a silo which the owner lined the outside walls with local limestone blocks and turned into a house in, about, 1971. A very unique dwelling place, but let's hope they don't have a cat since it'd be like the time "Fat Freddy's Cat" was in a teepee and couldn't find a corner to piss in!


From the dining location one can look out any window from this hilltop and see for several miles in any direction. I'm sure a lot of people like this sort of isolation, but not myself personally, never liking to be stuck in such a place if bad winter weather sets in. But I suppose that if one is prepared for such and works on the location itself, there wouldn't be much need of travel during those times.

We were gone basically 7 hours today from the time we left till we returned, driving back thru a very heavy downpour. Tornado watches and warning were in affect around here, but none materialized here.

BTW, I located 4 different ones of those "California Raisin" PVC's after visiting 2 antique stores, one yard sale and two flea markets and shelling out seven bucks Saturday, but they were indeed the ones we needed to give to her dad, so at least that turned out right for a change, and I didn't have to take then from my own personal collection of such.


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