Sunday, March 26, 2006

Less Than 9 Months Till Christmas"

Looks like now the best chance for the airing of that Justice League Unlimited episode with "Supergirl & The Legion of Super-heroes" is either April 8th. or 15th., depending on your location (so be sure to check your listings).

That dealer at the flea market that told me he had 1,500 (modern) comics he wanted to sell me's at it again. He told me he'd sell me all of those 1,200 books today. I said, "1,200?! I thought you told me it was 1,500!" "Well, it's actually 1,200, and I'll take .50 each for them." Which totals of course to $600., which I told him was too much. "But...there's $3.50 books in there!" I'm sure there is, maybe, a handful worth that much (IF you could get someone to buy them), but the majority in such a lot is worth from a dime to a quarter each, and "perhaps" the lot's worth $350., so naturally once again I passed. After all, I could take $350. to my local comic shop and go thru their fifty cent boxes, and cherry pick them as well.

And, one didn't have to to a psychic to know what was to happen at work today. Of course, my partimer-help called in sick, which makes him somewhat of a "no-timer" since he hasn't been there now in 2 weeks, and it was busier than yesterday. I dread to see the work schedule for next month.


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