Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Sin City, on DVD"

With an unexpected little time extra here, I think I'd like to comment a bit on the Sin City flick I finally saw last night on DVD.

To begin, the movie looks just like a Frank Miller graphic novel; the effects on this are right down to a "T". Fast-paced to me throughout the entire film, whereas some reviews said it was slow in the middle.

It is definately NOT a movie for everyone, but then, not everyone reads the books either. This is extremely graphic in its violence as are the graphic novels. But for someone who is a big fan of Miller's work (such as myself), it's a delight! Scenes look just like the drawings in most cases, and a fine bunch of actors chosen to play the various characters.

Oh, I "could" gripe a little about Marv not being as bulky as I imagine (in his upper body), and maybe not chuckling enough right after they tried to fry him the first time, but who am I to comment about that if Miller liked it? I give it an A+ all the way, and look forward to any sequel.

And this brings me down yet one more flick on my "wanna-see-list" that I haven't gotten to yet, with the others being things like: "The Fantastic Four","Sky High", and "Kill Bill Parts 1 & 2" (and the elusive "Greater Napalm"). Plus movies that are currently out or being made at the moment like: "V for Vendetta", "X-Men 3", and "Superman Returns". I eventually see all of these flicks, but rarely get to the theatre with ever-rising ticket costs. I find I can usually purchase previously-viewed copies and just own them for about as cheap if I'm patient a few months later.


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