Thursday, May 11, 2006

"2006 Vacation: Day 6"

Well...continuing my personal nightmare over getting insurance to pay for the tornado damage, you might recall that our insurance company was nice enuff to 1) Give us about 20% of what we really needed for repairs, and , 2) Cancel our house insurance. So's...anyway...we finally did get a check from them yesterday, and we called the guy who's doing the siding replacement, and he wrote a contract and we wrote him a check, telling him not to cash/deposit it until we got this money in the bank.

This morning one of his helpers came out and took down the old damaged siding, and I thought, "Well, maybe things are finally getting straightened out". So I go to the bank to deposit the check, and, guess what? Not only is it made out to my wife and I, but also the bank that has the lean on the house. So tomorrow I have to do a 100 mile round trip to that bank just to have them endorse the check (which I've called ahead of time to talk to them about that, and thankfully, no problems in that).

Been a lovely vacation.

And since everyone's tired of hearing me rant on and on about all of that...

You know, I always wanted to write a comic book series that IF my mother ever read it (which she wouldn't 'cause she just don't read comics), but IF she did, she'd tell me I was going straight to Hell for doing so.

Fortunately, I never had to because of such a great writer as Garth Ennis, whose work I have really enjoyed over the years, especially in such series as Just A Pilgrim (that was published by Black Bull Publications), and Preacher (Vertigo-DC, of course). The cover illo posted above is to my favorite issue of the JAP series, #3, which as you can read, was also the Origin issue. I thought Kevin Nowlan did an admirable job on the starkness of it.

Naturally, it's raining here once again today, so roof painting's out. In fact, the weather is predicted to be raining all thru the weekend, with my next day off (next Tuesday) looking like my next best chance to finally get that accomplished. Probably I should have worked on the roof first, and then done the white wood trim here and there, but...

Anyway, I can't get it all done this week due to just lack of time and the bad weather, so the new sidewalk and the remainder of the trim will just have to wait. Anyway...I'm finally out of white paint.

Did finally win a copy of The Daring Advs. of Supergirl No.9, which I need for my misc. "Doom Patrol" app.'s. Of course, since then, I've had to add two more app.'s to my Want List of such that I've discovered: Batman Annual 25, and Teen Titans No.26 (both of which just came out this year). I also won a couple of misc. issues published by either St. John or Dell from the early silver-age that have Charles Schulz "Peanuts" app.'s. One of them is in Tip Topper comics, which I which have several issues of, but all of them published much earlier than those strips began. The other, is in (of all things), and issue of Nancy.

And I've finally gotten through those two long boxes of (mostly) modern comics I bought recently. Turned out after I pulled the duplicates and used the backing boards and bags, that 3/4's of them were both bagged and boarded and the rest just "in" bags, so looks like yet another 200 backing boards that I'll have to pick up sumtime. I've given up on ever getting everything alphabethized. Now not only do I have a secondary collection, but a third as well!


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