Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Just Busy; That's All"

Yeah, I know I'm not bloggin' as much as usual. Been just very busy at work. Right now I'm on the 4th. day of a six day straight work schedule. Still have till Saturday before I'm off and start vacation.

And, after I got off work tonight, I still came home, put some keel on outside wood places that I'd previously scraped off the paint, scraped off more paint and re-keeled them, picked up trash from the back yard, cleaned off about a zillion little twigs from the from roof in preparation for its repainting, put some more tar on the roof over the bathroom, etc.,etc. Been just busy as hell.

But I'll make it all up very soon. Have picked up a lot of both old and new comics I want to comment on, plus Saturday is Free Comic Book Day at your local comic shop (remember), and I'm sure I'll have more wonderous things soon to rant about, so...

Till then.


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