Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Post #300 - 2nd. Year Anniversary of ELMO'S JUNCTION"

When I first started this blog site I had no idea whatsoever that two years later I'd still be posting on it.

I think I've covered just about every subject under the sun; anything from current events, to comics, to movies, to religion, to mostalgic waxing about old memories, to personal family matters, other blogger sites, artwork and writing, "Bob" the cat and ranting about jobs or insurance companies. If anything else you can say about "Elmo's Junction", it's been a place where consistency in subject material has been inconsitant.

I'll start this off today with a quicky review of a movie: The Fantastic Four (2005).

Although this flick has it's problems, the good parts of it out-weigh the bad. It's not one of those blockbuster types of super-hero adaptation films that knocks ones socks off, like maybe the first X-Men or Spider-man. It's MUCH better than the attempts of putting such other Marvel heroes on the screen (i.e.,"The Hulk, Daredevil or The Punisher"). It's a world better try at trying to adapt the FF than the Corman flick. But, to me, it's just not good enough to have a sequel made of it.

I didn't mind what changes were made regarding the characters and aspects of their origins. This movie's been out a year now, and I'd read all of the reviews and spoilers, so I pretty much knew in advance what to expect before ever watching it. So I'll dwell on what I thought were the good parts to it.

Of course, the special effects. They came across "realistically". Albeit, the characters were updated a bit for the times, and maybe "The Thing" could have been a little rockier, but then, when he was show in issues, say, 3 thru 30 or so, he wasn't quite as bulky as in later issues (I neglect #'s 1 & 2 'cause he was more like a lumpy mass until Kirby decided just "how" to draw him). It was a fast-paced flick. It was a "fun" flick. There was nothing really overly special about it, but it was still "okay". I don't want to see a FF 2 made. This one can stand on its own.

And, with that out of the way...last Saturday the men came and put the new siding on the house. It looks, already, 100% better. Not realizing it was in the contract, they'll also be redoing the gutters and part of the front at no extra charge. Can't say I wasn't happy about that! Now we can concentrate on getting the windows repaired and use whatever money's left over on repairing the roof.

Been watching some of this news about where out in California, the homosexual community wants prodominant gays stated as such in history text books. It amazes me that in today's society whereas everyone wants their heritage recognized as black, or Jewish, or oriental, or hyspanic, and even their sexual orientation noted, but that they seem to neglect mentioning anyone else. I don't believe that I've ever read a single time any mention that, say, Abraham Lincoln was a "white, Christian". I'm just as proud of my personal heritage or religious beliefs as anyone else in this country...but I don't go around cramming it down everyone's throats. neither do I want others personal convictions forced upon me. And since California is one of the largest purchasers of school text books, such companies which publish them may think it profitibly unwise to print such editions with homosexual notations solely for CA, and note such in all of the print run which is distributed for the OTHER 49 states. If these books are distributed to school grades containing children in pre-school, I might consider this inappropriate. (But...as usual...maybe this is only MY opinion).

And everyone's up in the air about "The DaVinci Code". Such silliness. People not able to comprehend that it's author took aspects of history and mixed it in with fiction, just to write a novel. Really, some people take everything in life waaayyyy too seriously. I compare the state of those select few's minds getting all upset over this to some "fan boy" that went wild over seeing "Star Trek" or "Star Wars" and trying to make it a way of life rather than a few hours of escapism and entertainment. (Do a flick about the government and everyone praises it; do one about religion and everyone gets upset.)

Watched President Bush's address last night, and for once, I can not say that I disagreed with a single thing or idea he said or had regarding the problems regarding illegal immigration. (Amazing.)

Today are the local primaries, of course, of which I have absolutely no interest and could care less who's to become the new jailer or dog catcher. Small town politics are boring, and besides, people gonna do what they wanna do anyway so to me, it makes little matter.

So away from political and current events, and a little "comic talk". Was thinking about various DC characters I'd like to see brought back that's been absent from the scene for a while, like "Jemm, Son of Saturn", "'Mazing Man", "Amethyst", "Arak" and a host of others from the 1980's. Hard to remember which ones were killed off during The Crisis series (although I have a link to that somewhere saved). 'Think a team-up between Jemm and Jonn Jonzz would be interesting.

And, finally, sorry this 300th. post isn't as exciting as I wanted it to be, but frankly folks, I am tired. Had no real rest during my vacation week from my regular job at all, and I need a break for a while. So I'm taking a hiatus from "Elmo's Junction" for a while. Now this doesn't mean I'm leaving for good, but my posts will indeed be much less regular; maybe 2 or 3 times a month for a bit until I can catch up on everything that needs to get finished around here.

I want to thank my good friend, Pete Shorette, who continuously lets me use his image-hosting site for free to post various photos on this page. (You'll notice that after a week or so, I eliminate these photos just to save space on his site, mainly because I figure everyone that's actually looking at this blog has seen them by then.)

So, until next time..."Keep in touch".



At 4:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You basically agreed with everything the president said about illegal immegrants? Well in my next letter I will HAVE to address that. I really doubt that I agreed with anything he said. Now I know you and I will not share our opinions but this time it really sounds like we are on the opposite side of the coin.

At 5:17 PM , Blogger ~D.Puck' said...

Hmmmm.....Well, I agreed that anyone that wants to live and work in this country should learn the language, go thru LEGAL channels and become a citizen. "If" I went to another country to live and work, I would do the same. Can't see anything to disagree about that, Steve.

At 4:37 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

Happy blogaversary, Dave!


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