Saturday, June 10, 2006

"A Day to Ramble"

In my quest to complete sets of both Animal Man and Doom Patrol app.'s, I recently found a DC Comics Presents #78, as well as a Secret Origins #39 (an A-Man story by Morrison, that's continued in Animal Man #10). What with the copy of Adventure #420 that I've won just today (the fourth and final reprint of the character in that title), plus two issues of A-man that haven't arrived in the mail yet, I'll have completed his app.'s about as much as I want. My set will consist of a full run of his own title including the annual, Action 552 & 553, DC Comics Presents 77 & 78, Wonder Woman 267 & 268, the five first app.'s in Strange Adventures, plus the odd app. or two.

In Doom Patrol, I've also won the odd half dozen app.'s of the DC-Vertigo series, which will complete all four of the various DP series, although I'm still looking for maybe 15 odd app.'s/cameos/whatever in other books, mostly from 1980 to current.

After I get all of this stuff in and all, I may try to concentrate on some other things I'm looking for, such as the misc. DC app.'s of the Charlton characters. These titles would include sets of: Capt. Atom, The Blue Beetle, The Peacemaker & Son of Vulcan limited series, The Question and Question Quarterly, The Question Returns, Thunderbolt, and The L.A.W. lmt. series. Actually, I already have around half or so of these. Probably got at least 25 issues of Cap, all but 4 of BB, all but one of the Question Quarterly plus several issues of his own title, a complete set of The LAW, the first two issues of The Peacemaker, and 4 or 5 issues of T-Bolt. No way I'll try for all of the myriad app.'s in such things as Justice League, or Crisis. I'll just concentrate on the main titles.

As well, I need to concentrate on finally finishing out a set of the 1996 Supergirl series. I just need a couple having a set of 1-74 & 80, and 75-80 I have in the TPB reprint volume. Original issues that were reprinted still sell for a premium price, so I'll settle just for a reading set. The only other DC title I feel like I may be interested in trying for a set of would be the Supergirl app.'s in Adventure Comics (#'s 381 thru 424=44 issues). Currently I have around a dozen of those, but at least I already have all of the more expensive ones, so this might not be too out-of-reach to consider.

No way I'll try for all of the Action Comics app.'s. I have several (including a #252), so I'm happy with those. (Could use a 285, tho'.)

I wouldn't mind, as well, having any issues of the current Supergirl title that I don't have already, plus any of her Supergirl & The Legion issues, since I find the present incarnation of the maid of steel fairly interesting.

And on another note, I went through yet another full gallon of outside latex paint today in my efforts to finish work on this house. Got the rest of one full side today, and across the top of the roof on the back. Probably one more gallon would finish up outside, then I could work on the interior trim and door, etc.

Temperatures here today were close to 90 degrees, and I'm sure, exceeded 100 degrees on the roof where I was working. The shingles were too hot to touch with one's bare hand, and I could feel the heat burning my legs thru my jeans. Should make everything dry extra fast, however. Worked about 4 hrs. on that today. The exposed areas of my face and arms are at least 5 times darker than areas that were covered now from all of this outside work, and Summer hasn't even officially begun yet!

On a sad note, I heard today that Jack "Jaxon" Jackson, an underground cartoonist whose work I've always greatly admired, has passed away. His Comanche Moon series (which consisted of three different comics: "White Comanche", "Red Raider", & "Blood On the Moon") was always a personal favorite (reprinted in a collected edition in 1979 by Last Gasp/Rip Off Press=very fortunate IF you can find a copy), as he was a stickler for detail and historic accuracy. As with all great cartoonists and writers, any future work will be sorely missed.

"Take an old esoteric character and do something totally out of context with it just to boost sales and if it doesn't work who gives a sh*t" Department: You know...I'm growing so weary of the way a comic book company will take some old, beloved character, and turn them into something that would be totally out of their character just to get more books sold. DC & Marvel BOTH are guilty of such a practise. Marvel makes "The Rawhide Kid" gay, DC kills "The Blue Beetle" and has "Dr. Light" rape "The Elongated Man's" wife, Ray ("The Atom") Palmer's wife turns murderess, and now DC taking "Batwoman"...well....their new Batwoman... and making her gay as well. I'm sure such actions boost sales for these companies and keeps them afloat, but it sure kills the hell out of any continuity. The questions are: "Were titles such as the various Crisis series really necessary? Is Jack Kirby rolling over so many times in his grave due to The Rawhide Kid's situation that Jack's now burned thru his coffin and is half way to China?" (Bob Kane may be close behind him.) I know; it's a new story for a new audience, and old foggies like myself can't have the characters remain "silver-aged" forever...though, Lord, I wish they could.


At 7:39 PM , Blogger Johnny Bacardi said...

Aaah, who cares about Batwoman anyway. She's a relic of the days when Batman and Ace, the Bat-Hound would fly to Pluto and fight salamander men or something...

Anyways, I wondered if you'd heard about Jaxon. I've always thought there was a very strong strain of his influence on your own art.

Hope you guys are doing well, and I'm sorry I haven't been by lately. I've got something I've been meaning to give you, if you want it (and no, it's nothing like THAT :( ), so I may be dropping by sooner or later...

At 5:09 AM , Blogger ~D.Puck' said...

Oh,but "Johnny", I LIKED those type of silly Bats stories! Especially the one where Batman turns into a genie! LOL!

Yeah. Jaxon was indeed a MAJOR influence on me, along with Bode', Shelton and a myriad number of other underground comix artists. Blood On The Moon is probably my favorite single comic he did.


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