Saturday, June 03, 2006

"Some Time To Kill"

Read something that I thought pretty funny over on Mark Evanier's blog called "Memories of A Spud". Scroll about a third of the way down for a good laugh!

Well, I almost something I've always wanted: a full-sized VHS camcorder. Found one with the original case, charger and battery for the rediculously low price of five bucks at a local yard sale. Unfortunately, it seems to have a bad battery, so now I'm trying to find one for it. If anyone knows where exactly I might find one to fit a Magnavox CVL300 model, please let me know. I've had a camcorder for years, but when my wife bought one it was a mini-size, which doesn't use full-size VHS tapes and you have to put the recorded tape into an adaptor before you can play it. Too much hassle. I want one where you can just pop that baby into a VCR! Besides that, I've always wanted to make some sort of amateur flick, and I'd have to end up dupping one to the other, etc.

Got my storm windows repaired from all of that recent hail damage for the grand price of $91.00. Took them down myself and took them over to a local glass shop, then brought them back and did my own reinstalling of same just to save some cash. They look just fine! Used a glass patch on the one broken interior bedroom window where the hail had busted all the way through and you can barely even tell it. Went around all of them and recalked, plus before I reinstalled them I scraped down and repainted the exposed old window frames and cleaned the glasses. The side of the house which received the damage looks just about as good, or better, than before, but we've yet to have any shingles replaced. We still have money left over from the insurance settlement, but everyone that does roof work hereabouts are so behind in jobs that it may be a while yet before that work is done.

There was indeed a considerable amount of grit knocked loose from the shingles as I discovered when I attempted to clean it from the gutters. In fact, our current heat wave had already melted some into the gutters which I'll have to eventually pry out since it's reharded into some form of asphalt again.

Most of my painting outside of the house is done. I might need another gallon of white to finish up. Then I plan on repainting a lot of the interior house trim which has gotten stained mostly from the fumes of the ("so called" ventless) gas heaters we use in the Winter.

Oh yeah. We also have insurance back on the house again. Went with another insurance company (Farm Bureau) and got a much better deal and with additional coverage for a mere dollar more per payment. Since Planters cancelled our policy, I've spoken with a number of locals who also had them as their company and many have received similiar dissatisfying results as we.

Gotten in a LOT of stuff from various auction wins here lately. One lot had almost all of the issues of Animal Man and Doom Patrols I needed, bringing me down to just 6 issues of DP and 2 of A-Man, all of which I've used the "Buy It Now" options to purchase, so when they arrive, those two sets will finally be completed. In fact, that will complete all four series of Doom Patrol for me and I can concentrate on about 15 misc. cameos and app.'s in odd DC titles of that group from 1980 on. in a couple of 1950's Dell Comics with "Peanuts" appearances, plus the 2005 DC Bizarro World hardcover, which is a hoot! Crammed full of great artists and writers! Everyone outta buy one of those for some good chuckles!

Found the 1967 Whitman "Tarzan" hardcover BLB at the flea market last week. Not sure if that's actually Russ Manning art or maybe Mike Royer. Also bought a lot of about 80 misc. modern books there for a dime each (nothing special).

Finally watched "Catwoman", which is okay, but has absolutely nothing to do with the DC Batman character. Fair special effects; overall Viewing Grade about a C+, which is better than "The Punisher", or "The Hulk", but not as good as, say, "Daredevil".

And, at the moment, that's pretty much got me caught up on recent happenings. I've got this Saturday (today) and the next Saturday off from work, but have to work every Sunday this month. My blogging will remain rather sporatic.


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